Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ks' Craze : Xbox 360

mr. khairul got an xbox 360. great. as if there aren't enough distraction for khaleef already. it comes with two free xbox games; kungfu panda and indiana jones : lego version. mr. khairul also got the highly acclaimed game, prince of persia.

i remember playing prince of persia when it's still in floppy disc version! the theme song was tacky, and the monochromatic colors don't help the 2-dimentional characters presented in boxy graphic. whenever our characters die, there's this deathly soundtrack along with a clip of the disappointed (boxy pixeled) princess trapped in the dungeon.

prince of persia : the classic sempoi 1989 game, and the new sleek and sexy 2009 version

this latest xbox version of prince of persia has certainly go a long way. it's absolutely nothing like what i remembered it. the music is haunting, the graphic is sleek, the characters are freakin hot and sexy! the characters has personality, they speak and they're charming and funny!

anyway, khaleef absolutely loves the kungfu panda game. and he's really really good! a fast learner, risk-taker - he helps po takes in the villains with ease! even i can't figure out how po makes a high jump with double somersault, or how sifu kicks high in the air or that you need to close the roof doors in order to proceed to the next level - khaleef knows how, when and exactly what!


he now enjoys pirates of the caribbean. he would pass the controller to me when it comes to 'instruction-base' level like, 'find jack sparrow's wanted poster and tear them off the wall' or 'find davy jones to proceed to the next level' - but when it comes to the fight scenes, khaleef wins 'em all!

however, in spite of all the bravado stunts khaleef can do on the game, once the character dies - kena tumbuk bertubi-tubi ke, jatuh gaung ke, kena tikam ke - he will cry! and it's tears of sadness, that because of him, the characters had to endure the pain and suffering he's now witnessing on screen!

"mak...............panda......matiiiii......." (you can also substitute 'panda' with 'jack sparrow')

my reply? "don't cry. if not, mak switch off." period.

* * *

i'm not much of a fan of video games, computer games or the works. and when i do play, it's simple games exercising the thumbs than testing the speed of your reflexes. malas!

mr. khairul, like any other big boys, love these games. especially where he can play the tough guy running military operation and shooting down helicopters. and yes, he speaks to himself when he plays. "roger that!" what is it about men and video games?

there's this one particular game of his that really irritates me - some sort of a role play game where you 'become' the football team manager - choosing the best player for your team, strategising tactics and fully utilizing each player's strength to get a score. it's all timetables and lists and scores and little stickmen..

suka bola main je la bola!

* * *

however i'm glad to see that, despite the xbox being his latest craze, it's not an addiction to khaleef. he is still able to switch off and put down the controller to go back to his books, and enjoying reading just as much. or his green soldiers. or his ben10 collector cards. he still wants to watch handy manny and thomas.

..and with all the electronic gadgets and plastic battery-operated toys he has, even my hand-made paper aeroplane and paper boat can still excite him!


Arin said...

danial-anak buah kaka rin pon gila xbox nih ..kalau kita menang dia akan nangis..aci tak?

Yuslinda said...

nasib khaleef tak addicted kat games tu.eh syigim tau tak ada books fair kat airport zone kat west building sebelah airport.mmg berbaloi.kak linda baru balik ni,tapi better sediakan cash bebanyak sbb credit card dia charge 2.80 percent.

mama danial said...

ya betul apa arin cakap tuh.
lebih teruk kalau dia main game ngan babahnyer.Boleh bergaduh anak beranak.Bingit telinga dengar! then datang mengadu kata babahnyer buli dia main car or football or even worst, tipu main game. Kids can navigate/control better than adults. Nanti kalau balik msia,buat pertemuan at my home. We can meet you and the boys can play together.

Syigim said...

hihi..kak arin & kak wawa - kitorang blom try main 2 players lagi.. so xtau how khaleef would react kalo kalah.. i'm sure sama.. ;)

tapi im so proud that dia x pulak berebut nk main, coz when bapaknye balik keja, xbox is his! tp khaleef akan sit happily n tgk je bapak dia main :)

* * *

kak linda - thanks for the info!! definitely going! :D yay

nekPP said...

wahhhh sonokkknyee ;)) tapii ingat ye makkk..nnti dah 'school' kena pantauuu tuuuhhhh ekekeke ;p

Syigim said...

nekPP, of course! dah stat school nanti weekend je la bole main!

tapi camne kalo khaleef buat muka kesian? hihi..ok but finish your homework first!! ;)

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