Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sizzling Steamboat

yesterday we went visiting saudara faisal at rashid hospital, whom i know as 'faisal biker' according to mr. khairul. he met with an accident few days back, leaving him with more than a few broken bones. alhamdulillah, he's recovering well, despite the initial huge blood-loss.

get well soon, dude! hmm, "next time harap jangan accident macam ni lagi.." he said. plus, he's already thinking of getting back on the bike...

hmmph. boys will be boys.

khaleef & alya, joe & mr. khairul, aida, me and kahfi, afza

also visiting faisal were the As - afza and aida with their girl alya. afza was mr. khairul's classmate in mckk. we decided to have dinner at a steamboat restaurant, 'xiao wei yang' in deira. joe joined us later on.

i'm not much of a steamboat fan but once in a while okay lah! this is the As favorite haunt so aida took charge and ordered the necessary yummies that they're used to. to order just fill up a form by puting a tick at our choice. simple!

we opted for the dual-pot with hot and spicy soup and the plain soup (yang tak pedas tu for me lah tu!) the soup is really delicious. it makes the 'soaked' meehoon taste really good! afza and mr. khairul dumped the beef and chicken, and later joe slid the crab cakes and noodles. the greens went in last.

then we waited, while the boys joked about jambus and jejaka idaman. (wth???) also about afza and aida's new apartment. meanwhile, khaleef and alya got busy playing drummers using chopsticks, making a huge racket at our end. sampai ade satu couple mat saleh got up to change seats!

come on! it's a chinese restaurant. it's supposed to be loud! hello?

the golden bun. yummest yummies.

i'm not too crazy about steamboat, but this place has a specialty like no other - the 'golden bun'. it's just a plain bite-sized bun, served hot with s small bowl of sweet condensed milk as the dip. i think they fry it a lil bit after baking which makes it soft on the inside with a crunchy exterior.

i really love it! sedap!

khaleef first time ke makan tembikai?

after a hefty seafood boiled in soupy soups - the waitress served a plate of sliced watermelons. i don't like watermelons (yes, picky picky) but it really made me think of berbuka with my family - watermelons seem like a must!

anyways, khaleef ate the green part first. ni lah akibatnya mak dia tak pernah expose him to watermelons! guilty as charged!

shopping kacang

before blah, we made a pit-stop at 'choc & nuts', a quaint little shop selling, as the name suggests - chocolates, and kacang-kacang. it's a just a few steps away from the steamboat restaurant, somewhere at the back of it.

now, kacang - i love. not all type (biase la picky!!!) but kacang puteh, yeap. i like! so here we bought 2 packets of pistachios and a packet of salted gajus. kudap-kudapan while watching tv, yeah?

* * *

babies are comin!
aida is days away from delivering her second baby - take it easy! kak zaida is not too far too. good luck! ada 2 baby baru di dubai nanti! speaking of delivering babies: happy to report that my just10 best bud niraku's eldest sis kak san is pregnant! so niraku is gonna be an aunt soon! (habih la budak tu).

my younger sis syima is also counting the weeks to welcome her second born. a new nephew or niece is coming to the join the cucu podin gang!

also, wani my just10 pal is counting the hours until labor pain comes - as she is a day or two pass her due date! hopefully the baby can decide whether it wants to stay in the cozy warmth of mommy's tummy or just come out and greet the world!

to irda - ko dah beranak ke blom ni? update, please!


MamaFaMi said...

Sedapnya steamboat....

Arin said...

Teringat makan steamboat kat Coca BSC..disebabkan soun nye mahal di situ..kami seludup bawak masuk soun..hehehehheh...

Syigim said...

welcome mamaFaMi...jenguk2 le blog ni selalu.. blog mamaFaMi pun sedapppp.. :D

kak arin - haha lawak! best jugak idea tu! a ah la baik seludup je soun tu kan...bukannye diorang perasan suma dah cmpak dlm sup tu!

Anonymous said...

you'll be surprise that the kacang shop owner can speak good malay!

Joey said...

Gezz,tergelak baca part mat salleh couple tu pindah table!! hahahaaa...
nak peace + quiet ambiance, gi dinner burj al arab lah!! :D

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