Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Me No Sleep am Zombie

hi peoples at the out there,

i has not get the sleeping start in the day before and todays also agains. kazim slepting very little bits and woken ups inside every 30 minute resulted me no slepting in totally zero.

at now i is look as an zombie persons.

bapak belonged to kazim was come backing in the days tomorrow then it is meaning he must all the times helpness me for taken caring kazim in a night of time.

happy is me then.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Visited You

i wish i had written this. too good not to be shared. read and reflect!

If the Prophet Muhammad visited you,
Just for a day or two;
If he came unexpectedly
I wonder what you’d do.

Oh! I know you’d give your nicest room
To such an honored guest;
And all the food you’d serve to him
Would be the very best.

And you would keep assuring him,
You’re glad to have him there;
Your hospitality would be beyond belief
And service beyond compare.

But… when you saw him coming,
Would you meet him at the door
With arms outstretched in welcome
To your honored visitor?

Or… would you have to change your
Clothes before you let him in?
Or hide some magazines and put
The Qur’an where they had been?

Would you still watch movies
On your trusty TV set?
Or would you rush to switch it off
Before he gets upset?

Would you turn off the radio
And hope he hadn’t heard?
And wish you hadn’t uttered
That last loud nasty word?

Would you hide you worldly music
And instead take Islamic books out?
Could you let him walk right in,
Or would you rush about?

And, I wonder… if the Prophet spent
A day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing the things
That you always do?

Would you go right on saying the things
You always used to say?
Would life for you continue
As it does from day to day?

Would your family conversation
Keep its usual pace?
Or would you find it hard each meal
To say a table grace?

Would you keep up each and every
Prayer, forcing back a frown?
And would you always jump up early
For every prayer at dawn?

Would you sing the songs you always do
And read the books you read?
And let him know things on which
Your mind and spirit feed?

Would you take the Prophet with you
Everywhere you normally go?
Or would you , maybe, change your plan
Just for a day or so?

Would you be glad to have him meet
Your very closest friends?
Or would you hope they’d stay away
Until his visit ends?

Would you be glad to have him stay
Forever on and on?
Or would you sigh with great relief
When he at last was gone?

It might be interesting to know
The things you would do
If the Prophet Muhammad, in person,
Came to spend some time with you.

(Poem taken from Islamic Insight site)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Umrah : Safe Journey Abah!

abah will fly off today to perform umrah with umi. i can only offer my doa that it'll be a smooth flight and for abah and umi to stay healthy and fit throughout. may Allah protect them in their journey!

doakan kami duk selamat dan baik-baik belaka di dubai ni ye, abah!

* * *

my niece sufya on the high chair, umi, abah, azot, syidot & syimot holding to her 2nd one, marissa

syidot, syimot holding marissa, umi with suffiya in front, abah and my bro-in-law din

these are abah's latest picture.

abah took syima and family, along with my younger sisters the wombats syida and azi to a yemeni restaurant. what else - for nasi mandi! you'd better take me here when i'm back! yah yah - i don't care how many times i can eat nasi mandi HERE in dubai, i still wanna go to this place where you guys went!

sigh. i miss abah.

azi dan tisu untuk Yang

owh, and this is my youngest sis azi posing with a tissue paper from the restaurant. why - you may ask.

for those who are new to syigim's quirkiness might not know that i collect tissue paper, serviettes or paper napkins from restaurants, cafes' - almost ANYWHERE where they have printed tissues.

and to date i have more than 500 - five-oh-oh - yes, that's five hundred - tissue papers from cafes, restaurants of every imaginable themes, pizza parlours, ice-cream booths, hotels, airlines, even restoran nasi bungkus from all over the world (cewah) kept in three separate boxes. really.

wanna know more? click here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Are the Brothers?

a lot of people ask me - how's khaleef and kahfi around the new baby brother from day one? happiness? jealousy? were they helpful, were they playful? have they been a good help, or have they been a nuisance?

  • he's just like any normal 4-yr old with naughty tendencies but with a BIG heart *smile*
  • showed great brotherly love
  • the moment he saw kazim for the first time, he immediately says - "hello baby! sho cute lil lil baby!" and straight away gave kazim a kiss
  • very helpful - throw smelly poopy diapers, or take this and put away that - he'll do anything
  • always wants to check on the baby -
  • if kazim sleeps, he'll just look from a safe distance
  • if kazim's awake he'll lie down next to kazim and stares at him, occasionally giving kisses or holds his hand
  • if kazim's crying, khaleef will sing 'old macdonald has a farm', 'bob the builder' or 'itsy bitsy spider'
* * *

  • absolutely NO jealousy - really!
  • however, there was no emotion when he first saw kazim - he's just happy to see me and his bapak
  • it's as if kazim does not exist for the first few days - he will act as if there's noone new around and just did his usual playing and jumping around
  • by the 4-5 day he started noticing
  • imagine a kid who discovered a cute kitten in amusement - that was kahfi's reaction
  • until now, whenever he sees kazim, he'll giggle macam kelakar sangat kazim tu
  • i know he wants to kiss kazim - but his 'kiss' is just opening his mouth very wide and put it near kazim's nose!
  • he also tries a few times to lick kazim's cheek and nose!
* * *


sangat gangster - tido kena kipas, tido kena kluakan tangan sebelah, tido kena in my arms, tido takmo dalam crib, nak tido sebelah mak dia
- hmmph!

* * *

i could've gotten a better shot of the boys than this - but i just LOVE this picture. it just says it all - the brothers' role in the family!

khaleef the big taiko now, protectively sitting close by beside baby kazim, stares disapprovingly at the cheeky kahfi. kahfi meanwhile, tries his best to 'disturb' baby kazim despite the menacing look from big bro khaleef. baby kazim? naturally looks up to big bro khaleef for guidance and protection.

the picture is slightly blurry, and taken in haste - but it's just so cute, i can't resist.

* * *

to my 3 babies - take your time growing up, yeah?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Missed Earth Day!

last 22nd april was earth day. unless you're a non-earthling hurling through space in your rocket, you should care. even in the smallest way.

i was reminded of earth day when i clicked hanz's blog. it was just a very brief question posted to her readers : "today is earth day, but what does it mean to you?" but i enjoyed reading all the responses in the comment section. some did this, some are going to do that - all in the name of caring for the earth.

to go to her link and read the responses, click here. you can add your thoughts too!

what does it mean to me?

well, for one, back when i was still working, my colleagues and i would use our own tupperware or plastic container to tapau food. that really saved tons of individual plastic bags and a lot of polysterene packs.

i wrote about this little effort of ours in a letter to editor of the star newspaper.

"One of the things we did was to use normal plastic containers whenever we packed food, be it at the next-door Chinese restaurant, the mamak restaurant opposite our office, or at the Malay restaurant along the same row.

All of the teaching staff here practise this so much that whenever we go to these restaurants, the workers would just extend their hand to us, expecting an empty container. They would question us when we forget to bring one! We have been doing this since the beginning of last year."

~ an excerpt from the letter.

read the full letter here.

* * *

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anything to Ask Me? Ask!

saw this first on my youngest sister azot's facebook wall. formspring? what's that?

i guess it's gonna be a new craze soon - like facebook and twitter - a simple site where people (with or without formspring accounts) can post questions - any questions - for you to answer. your friends with formspring accounts can also 'follow' you and able to read your responds.

don't worry - you will receive all questions posted through your formspring inbox, and the answer is published to all ONLY when you respond to it. if you think the questions are too personal or inappropriate, just choose to delete it.

also, if there are no more questions posted to you in your inbox, there's a link where you can 'ask yourself random questions'. it's so much fun!

azi has one. you can ask her any questions by clicking this link!

...and now, i have one account too! there's even a widget you can put in your blog, and readers can easily ask you questions from there. did you see mine?

alright, people. if you have any questions on me, myself and i - do ask! it's so fun! i wanna feel like a celebrity answering questions in a room full of reporters! haha.

just click here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kahfi's Thomas & Friends Mattress & Pillows

my mak can sew really well. she made matching pajamas for us sisters, baju kurung and skirts too. the best thing was, she made a LOT of barbie doll tops, dresses and evening gowns for all 5 barbie dolls. imagine she had to sew identical barbie doll dresses for 5 dolls!

oh, and even better - she also made tiny little baju kurung for our barbies! cool gile tak, barbie doll pakai baju kurung cotton?

it's a shame i didn't get her talent in sewing!

* * *

turns out, mr. khairul's mom is also quite a sew-ster.

on her trip to dubai with the rest of the family recently, she bought this 'thomas and friends' kain ela, brought it back to malaysia, and when she came back to help me during pantang - voila! she has sewn the kain ela into mattress and pillow cases for kahfi!

yes - she brought the little pillow AND bolster all the way from malaysia!

cute gile tak?

kahfi was so excited to see the bright blue thomas and friends stuff that he just stared at it, wearing his usual funny-charming grin.

'thomas and friends' is his favorite cartoon currently - he wore thomas and friends sweater and had thomas cake for his first birthday, got a thomas train set as presents from my two younger sisters - he's all over thomas!

then he went and jump on it while golek-golek.

khaleef cozying up

here is big bro khaleef posing it for you guys.

as of now, khaleef and kahfi sleep with their grandma at the front hall - khaleef and mr. khairul's mom on the big mattress, while kahfi will peluk-peluk his thomas bolster and sleeps on the thomas matt.

he absolutely loves it - and knows that it is HIS mattress!

the brothers in pajamas

sigh. a treasured item to be kept in the family!

hmm, thomas and friends ni unisex kan? haha. boleh guna untuk baby girl jugak kan? haha.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yong is RPS's Tokoh Guru 2010!

what makes a teacher, a tokoh guru?

  • she's a graduate with honors?
  • an extremely strict disciplinarian?
  • handsome or gorgeous, or possess an admirable sense of fashion?
  • spends hours after school for non-teaching activities and paperwork?
  • able to relate to students in a friendly yet firm manner?
  • warm personality and approachable?
  • has a proven track record of excellence reflected in his/her students' exam results?
  • been teaching for more than 10-20 years?

remember your favorite teacher? why is he/she a tokoh guru in YOUR heart?

cikgu syimee, in her final trimester, receiving the tokoh guru 2010 award from JPN director, perak

recently, during the 'hari anugerah cemerlang 2010' or 'excellence award day' for the raja perempuan school, ipoh, the school awarded the 'anugerah permata kencana' to 5 teachers for their exceptional service and dedication.

one of the 5 educationists is a young teacher in her first posting - my eldest sister, cikgu syimee!

being an educationist myself, i am so proud of her, as i know what is expected of a teacher, and what she is capable of. although she's a teacher in a school and i was lecturing before joining the early childhood education, but imparting knowledge is never that far off - be it to young adults, or little kiddos.

yong went on stage to receive the award while 7 months pregnant! someone quipped in her facebook, 'bulan ni syimee dapat anugerah permata kencana, bulan depan dapat anugerah cahaya mata pulak!'

yong (yang paling comel kat tepi tu) with the 4 other teachers receiving the same award

we were once students - and i'm sure we've a set of criteria to determine our favorite teacher.

someone who smiles. someone who is just and fair. someone who praises when it's deserving, and punishes when it's due. someone who shares stories that entertain as well as inspire. someone that sets good example. someone who believes that his/her students can improve. someone who believes that his/her students CAN do something extraordinary.

not someone who kutuk the headmaster/headmistress in front of the students. not someone who groups together with other teachers to gossip. not someone who smirks at a student's failure, and doubts when a student improves.

and certainly NOT someone who 'colors' his/her blogs or facebook status with nothing but constant complains about his/her 'burdening' teaching works. bad form!

yong with fellow RPS teachers

i've nothing but praises for cikgu syimee - not just because she's my sister, but i KNOW her - i know how hard she works, how dedicated she is in any tasks put before her and how much passion she has in educating her students.

this award is testimony of her efforts. like i wrote in her wall; 'though she is green in experience, but golden in her dedication and commitment in educating young minds'.

she is the kind of teacher i would wish for my boys! CONGRATS again, yong - tokoh guru 2010!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kazim Bertahnik & 'Belah Mulut'

yesterday was my 3rd and last day of urut pantang at kak jah's house, so she sort off closed it by shaving off kazim's head followed by the 'bertahnik' ceremony, or 'belah mulut'.

the 'belah mulut', literally translated as 'cutting the mouth' sounds pretty brutal haha but it actually is a metaphor for

  • giving the newborn baby a little taste of sweetness
  • exercising the baby's tongue to facilitate latching during breastfeeding
  • giving the baby the gift of gab - petah and bijak bercakap
  • so that the baby reads the quran well, as well as speaking politely and thoughtfully

more on this 'bertahnik' and belah mulut ceremony further on.

here is kazim, in his final shot with hair on his 18th day. bye bye hair. hello sexy bald look!

kak jah spread a little hair gell in his hair, and proceeded to shave off his head ever so carefully. kazim slept soundly at first, but when the hair became less, and his naked head became more exposed to the cool water and air, he began to mengamuk le! hihi.

at first i had to just hold him tight. and when that couldn't work anymore, i breastfed him while kak jah continued. baru senyap!

shaving the baby's head is important so that the newborn's head is free from any unwanted skin disease or discomfort. the shaved off hair should be weighed. parents of newborn then extend charity in the same amount as the weight of the hair.

when all is done, kak jah tepek some bedak sejuk on kazim's head to cool it off. he looks funny, but oh-so adorable. *pinch pinch*

* * *

now we go back to bertahnik or belah mulut. these are my googled info!

this ceremony is sunah Rasulullah SAW, something that is advisable to be done, but there's nothing wrong if we don't do it. a hadith stated how Rasulullah SAW did the tahnik ceremony using buah tamar or dates which he munched and gave to a newborn baby.

advisable to be done as soon as the baby's born or just a day after, because the main reason to do the tahnik is to get the baby's mouth, tongue and lips ready to drink breastmilk. it's just that some waited for the 7th day, or did it together with the 'aqiqah' ceremony. i guess there's nothing wrong either way hihi.

actually the day we brought kazim back from the hospital, (which was day 2 for kazim) kak zaida already fed kazim some kurma and air zam-zam, when she and her family came by to visit and drop off khaleef and kahfi. so that was bertahnik already, right?

it can be done by the parents or relatives of the newborn, or someone religious. this is also not a must - it's just that some believed that the newborn baby will incorporate (ewah) the characteristics and goodness of the religious person who did the tahnik ceremony. god willing, with good upbringing and strong religious values, the baby will grow up well nontheless.

the rings, air zam-zam, and a spoonful of honey

with what
it can be done using zam-zam water (holy water from Mekah), kurma or dates - and if that's not available, anything sweet can be used, like honey.

kak jah used honey. she also used three rings - gold, while gold and suasa. rings were dipped into the zam-zam water and honey, and then fed to kazim. it is believed that apart from being petah and baik budi bicara, the baby will also be blessed with richness and wealth!

Allah knows best!

kak jah feeding kazim honey and air zam-zam

now my kazim is already botak, and bertahnik done. great! insyaAllah we'll plan an aqiqah by the end of the month while mr. khairul's mom is still here in dubai. wait for invites, people!

click here for this detailed explanation on the bertahnik ceremony, written in BM.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Stuff for Baby Kazim

everybody loves free stuff, eh?

when i gave birth to the boys, i do look forward to what i'd be getting as complimentary from the hospital. saje seronok!

i gave birth to khaleef at sunway hospital. i received a bath towel, and a big box of baby toiletries. nearly five years later, i still have the bath-towel, and i still use the big box to put cotton balls.

with kahfi at dubai hospital, i got sample tubes of nursing cream for bf-ing mothers, and the sudocrem rash-healing cream.

recently with kazim at al-wasl hospital, i got few boxes of breast pad, AND this cool yellow diaper pouch that looks more like a tool-kit!

it's johnsons so the items included were all from that brand - baby wipes, baby oil, shampoo and shower cream. i added the pampers so that it'll be a complete package for me to bring along when with kazim.

i love it because it's so handy, and it's in my favorite color - yellow!

see, it opens up into a flat plastic mat to place your baby as you change his/her diaper. cute kan? when you're done, just fold it up and toss it in the stroller, or even inside your huge handbag!

i like!

* * *

i'm doing a post on these hospital freebies because i recently read in gulfnews that a hospital in abu dhabi is giving away 700 FREE baby car seats to babies born there, starting this june.

free car seats?! best gile!

this is their effort to create awareness for safety in the car for babies, and they want the babies to leave the hospital in their brand new, FREE car seats!

sigh - imagine if baby kazim waited two more months, and we drove an hour to abu dhabi to deliver him there - we'd be coming back to dubai with kazim in a brand new car seat! hihi.

well, read the full story here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Award : Top Blogger 2010

woah, 2010 is nowhere near its end and already i've gotten the 'top blogger 2010' award! hihi. thanks to one cute msian mom in nebraska, nadiah for this award - yay!

in her blog, nadiah named 20 bloggers as top bloggers of 2010, but i just want to present this award to 10 bloggers who are deserving in my humble eye :

  1. teh, so that she continues to bring exciting stories and pictures from egypt
  2. kak arin, so that she can share the latest gossip on malaysian entertainment industry hihi
  3. aisha, for sharing her ups and downs in ohio
  4. fida, just for her cakes!
  5. fairus, for her newfound passion in photography
  6. ica, for her engaging writings
  7. kak nur, for enlightening me on life in new zealand
  8. che ma @ azma, for her 'adventures' with son luqman
  9. hanz, for writing so many informational postings
  10. catlina, for her love for cats!

*clink! clink!* enjoy your award - you guys deserve it! few of the many must-read blogs to me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Urut Pantang : Day One

dah dua minggu aku deliver kazim, tapi hari ni baru hari pertama urut pantang.

mak mr. khairul kata takpe sebab :

  • aku takde stitch
  • tak mengalami sakit-sakit pinggang atau otot sepanjang 1-2 minggu tu
  • aku memang dah mula bertungku ngan bengkung sejak balik dari hospital

kalau tanya aku, aku sebenarnye tak minat urut-urut ni. ye lah setengah orang tu (termasuklah mr. khairul) memang suka diurut. bising dia pasal kat dubai ni kedai urut suma ala-ala spa jadi adalah sangat mahal! aku pulak, geli! hihi.

tapi urut pantang ni penting, jadi aku tak kisah la sangat.

  • untuk mengembalikan bentuk tubuh aku yang hot haha
  • membetulkan ketegangan otot dan urat semasa melahirkan anak
  • melancarkan pengaliran darah nifas (akunye kejap dah berenti, kejap ade balik, kejap ade banyak macam ketul, kejap berenti balik - tapi tukang urut kak jah kata ok, normal so takyah risau)
  • mengembalikan rahim ke tempat asalnya
  • membuang angin (paling suka bila part urut kepala, yang dia letak jari-jari masuk ke rambut, goyang-goyang pastu dia macam tekan dan lepas cepat-cepat - eh, korang bole bayangkan ke?)
  • dan yang pastinya menyihatkan dan badan segar

alhamdulillah kat dubai ni, ade seorang tukang urut orang pantang yang berpengalaman, turun-temurun dari maknye. memang seronok dan lega bila mula-mula dapat tahu. namanya kak jah. kak jah ni sebaya ngan mak aku. lahir tahun merdeka. anak pun sama 5 orang.

sonok kak jah ni urut, pasal dia amat peramah dan ade macam-macam cerita nak dikongsi, dan nasihat yang nak diberi. daripada tips-tips penjagaan masa pantang, citer-citer kelakar cucu dia, sampai la ke pasal nak amik maid, tak dilupakan jugak nasihat yang berunsur keagamaan.

jadi sejam berurut ngan kak jah tu jadi macam sesi berborak la kiranye. hihi. ini antara perkara-perkara menarik yang aku baru tau :

  • makan oat + air panas + susu pekat = senang lawas. elakkan makan pisang
  • aku baru tau rupa-rupanya peranakan tu boleh diurut-urut sampai terbalik - ini cara orang dulu-dulu untuk perancangan keluarga. hmm. serius aku baru pertama kali dengar!
  • sayur sawi tu rebus, minum airnya (kira sup sawi la tu) boleh menambahkan susu badan. okeh!
  • lepas mandikan baby, amalkan urut-urut kening baby perlahan-lahan, untuk elakkan mata baby juling. okeh, will do!

with kak jah

hari ni hari pertama urut, dan memandangkan aku rasa okay and sihat, kitorang cadang pergi je rumah dia untuk berurut. lagipun, rumah kak jah kat mirdiff tu jauh gile dari dubai marina ni. sambil aku urut, mr. khairul gi solat jumaat ngan suami kak jah. balik tu, kak jah pelawa lunch ayam bakar ngan kari. nyum!

bestnye kak jah kata bila dia urut-urut dan picit-picit tu, dia boleh rasa yang badan aku dah kurang angin. bila dia urut bahagian perut pulak, dia boleh rasa yang akunye rahim dah kecut elok, dan dinasihatkan teruskan je bertungku untuk maintainkan. hihi. yay!

esok kami datang lagi ye kak jah!

(pakej dia samade nak duk rumah dia selama 3 hari berurut tu, atau amik dia pegi rumah kita, atau kita gi rumah dia untuk berurut. kak jah memang bole sediakan tungku, bengkung dan segala daun-daun untuk tungku dan mandi serta minum. minyak herba pun dia buat sendiri. best kan?)

* * *

me with tokcik, and adik-adik mak - cik & aunty na

cakap pasal pantang ni semestinya teringat tokcik.

tokcik yang jaga mak masa pantang. tokcik yang jaga yong masa pantang. masa pantang khaleef pun tokcik yang jaga aku. tokcik strict - minum secawan air masak panas-panas. subuh-subuh dah start tungku. mandi memang dia monitor supaya jangan lebeh-lebeh.

tokcik pandai urut orang pantang jugak. tapi masa lahirkan khaleef pun dia dah cakap dia tak larat sangat sebenarnya tapi cucu punya pasal, dan kulit cucu ni pun lembut lagi, dia larat la jugak nak mengurut.

tokcik ni adik bongsu kepada tok belah mak. memang jadi kesayangan kami adik-beradik, serta cousin-cousin lain pasal tok-tok kami semua dah takde. jadik tok sedara yg bongsu ni la jadi tok kami.

kalau boleh, nak sangat import tokcik datang dubai untuk jaga masa pantang ni, tapi dia pun dah tak larat tambahan nak travel jauh-jauh ni.

rindunya kat tokcik!

tokcik ade kedai makan tau kat taiping. jadi kawan-kawan, sesape yang gi taiping mesti singgah gerai makan dia okey? dekat balai bomba jalan tupai. nama kedai tokcik tu 'Selera Desa 3&4' - menjual lauk pauk melayu aneka jenis dan air yang sedap-sedap dibuat khas oleh suami tokcik, tokwan. pegi tau!

sila klik sini untuk baca posting pasal kedai makan tokcik ye!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Perwakilan Ladies Meet Baby Kazim

kazim is two weeks old today.

from the moment we brought him back home, he's been receiving guests wanting to see his cutie pie face hihi. first kak zaida and family came that night to send khaleef and kahfi whom they took care of when mr. khairul was busy with me in the hospital.

then few days later our 'neighbour' kamil who's also mr. khairul's mckk batchmate came with a buddy from abu dhabi and his family.

the next night another mckk alumni bro faisal and wife kak muna came bringing home-cooked lauk pantang for me - yum!

and just this morning, a group of 11 ladies came!

* * *

today morning kazim welcomed the *perwakilan ladies who came by to take a peek at the new baby kay. now what is the 'perwakilan' club?

*'perwakilan' is an acronym of 'persatuan wanita kementerian luar negeri', and membership is automatically opened to wives of home-based staff of the malaysian high commission and malaysian govermental agencies.
~ from its facebook page

it's just nice to know that apart from the wonderful friends i've made while in dubai, i also belonged to this little club; headed by the consul general's wife kak sarah, and members include wives of consuls, vice-consuls, directors and officers of the malaysian gov agencies in dubai.

it was a festive affair; with the ladies chattering about babywearing, exchanging recipes and cooking tips with mr. khairul's mom, as well as sharing stories of pantang experience.

khaleef & tini

hmm. i think the kids enjoyed it the most! don't bother with khaleef's icky blue teeth! he got that after munching a very blue, very berry doughnut!

"girl! girlllllll!!!" khaleef jerit panggil. sape pulak si 'girl' ni? tini rupanya, fairus's eldest girl. i think they're so cute together! *wink wink*

kahfi & falisha

while big bro hit it off with si kakak, kahfi went and lepak with the little sister la pulak! hihi. falisha is super cute and super chubby. *pinch pinch*!

little hafiyy & mama adzlin; opah khaleef kasi donut kat budak-budak

mr. khairul's mom made a simple bihun goreng and cucur for the guests. and it's comforting to see that even simple dishes can be a nice little touch to a great company.

the kids munch doughnuts, of course!

fairus the mom-photographer; and the awesome gift box from her with lotsa goodies for not only kazim, but mak kazim as well!

fida is the designated photographer for our perwakilan club, while fairus is slowly carving her niche in artistic photography. so, the two were talk-talk-talking-camera just now! towards the end, auntie fairus was busy clicking away for snapshots of the sleeping kazim.

...and even planned a special photoshoot soon!

* * *

the ladies brought lotsa goodies; and i think even bottles of kicap cap kipas udang! best!

my silly socks, and the one from fida

fida gave me a pair of korea socks - sweet and flowery, a striking contrast from my black, silly pair of smiley socks! thanks fida!

the ladies also signed a card - thank you all!

thanks so much to consul general's wife kak sarah, datin nora, kak zulfa, kak mala, kak pah, kak nik, kak nor, nyta, adzlin, fida and fairus for sparing some time to visit my little kazim.

thanks for your warmth presence and the goodies you ladies brought! i think khaleef was most excited to see the big box of dunkin donuts that made his teeth turned blue! yikes!

special thanks to fairus for bringing me that one item i really needed but did not have! *wink wink* - she also gave kazim this wonderfully weird blanket-like-slash-dolly-slash-scarecrow-like thingy that works like babies' bantal busuk. it's really something new and i urm....sheesh, i think i need another posting just for that cute silly-willy little item. hihi.

thanks again, ladies! kalau ade masa datanglah lagi!

* * *

pesanan istimewa untuk kak linda and fauziah - bila nak visit baby kazim ni? hihi.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Syair Tiga Putera

if you're my facebook friend, you might have already seen these shots of my three kay boys. with kahfi constant moving and amusement looking at a confused kazim, and khaleef singing 'the itsy bitsy spider' at the top of his lungs - it was a tough shot!

this was the best i could get, people!

the first ever shot of big brother khaleef, younger brother kahfi and new baby brother kazim. a world premiere, so to speak! hihi.

enjoy my syair, a malay classical poem with a sing-song style when read. man, how long has it been since you last read a syair, eh? in your form 5 BM class? dedicated to my boys, it's entitled 'the poem of three princes' - enjoy!

* * *

Syair Tiga Putera
karya syigim

tersebutlah kisah satu cerita
tiga putera permata bonda
alangkah kacak tidak terkata
siapa terpandang pasti teruja

putera sulong bermata bundar
khaleef namanya bijak dan tegar
untuk adik sayang tak pudar
bantu bonda kala senang dan sukar

putera tengah nakal sekali
si manja kahfi nama diberi
bising bergolek lompat berlari
lagak dan ketawa jadi penyeri

inilah dia putera bongsu
ahli istana yang paling baru
nama pilihan kazim yang satu
kesayangan abang sentiasa selalu

pesan bonda dengarlah sayang
rajin belajar hidup kan senang
berbuat baik sesama orang
ingat Ilahi jiwa kan tenang

no words could describe the incredible joy and syukur i feel when i see this photo. as silly as it seems - with kahfi's feet up in the air, kazim's awe, khaleef's cheekiness and mr. khairul's sudden 'interference' - if i had arms as wide i would hug 'em all at once in an instant.

may Allah never let me forget how lucky i am!

khaleef, kahfi, and kazim are my treasures, khairul is the chest, and i hold the key!

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