Monday, April 26, 2010

Umrah : Safe Journey Abah!

abah will fly off today to perform umrah with umi. i can only offer my doa that it'll be a smooth flight and for abah and umi to stay healthy and fit throughout. may Allah protect them in their journey!

doakan kami duk selamat dan baik-baik belaka di dubai ni ye, abah!

* * *

my niece sufya on the high chair, umi, abah, azot, syidot & syimot holding to her 2nd one, marissa

syidot, syimot holding marissa, umi with suffiya in front, abah and my bro-in-law din

these are abah's latest picture.

abah took syima and family, along with my younger sisters the wombats syida and azi to a yemeni restaurant. what else - for nasi mandi! you'd better take me here when i'm back! yah yah - i don't care how many times i can eat nasi mandi HERE in dubai, i still wanna go to this place where you guys went!

sigh. i miss abah.

azi dan tisu untuk Yang

owh, and this is my youngest sis azi posing with a tissue paper from the restaurant. why - you may ask.

for those who are new to syigim's quirkiness might not know that i collect tissue paper, serviettes or paper napkins from restaurants, cafes' - almost ANYWHERE where they have printed tissues.

and to date i have more than 500 - five-oh-oh - yes, that's five hundred - tissue papers from cafes, restaurants of every imaginable themes, pizza parlours, ice-cream booths, hotels, airlines, even restoran nasi bungkus from all over the world (cewah) kept in three separate boxes. really.

wanna know more? click here.


ICA said...

Ok, here's my will you react if something ought to happen to all those tissues? errr example, someone kasi tertumpah air ke..etc...pernah jadi tak or nearly nak terjadi...?

ummiluqman said...

simpan 500 tissue..oh tak pernahku dengar ada org hobi cenggini kecuali syigim heheh..nanti tisu tu nak letak dlm frame ke?

temp. housewife said...

hmmm pelik tu hobi Syigim.

arin said...

syigim, rasa nya baru hari tuh tengok gambar baby marissa waktu baru nih dah bolat dia ek?comel..

Syigim said...

>> ica, my sisters slalu tease i n takut2kan psl tu......hihi. so far so good! i dont wanna think about the 'what ifs'! :P

>> azma, hihi mcm2 org suggest. my abah pun suggest buh kat frame ke, album ke...xplan lagi :)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, kalo kenal saya betul2 mmg syigim ni pelik orgnye hihi

>> betul kak arin! syigim pun rasa sama - tau2 dah bulat! last tgk dia pun br 2days old!

ICA said...

Good for you Syigim......guard your treasures good. Put it in a secret vault if you have too :))

nadnye said...

pelik tapi unik hobi tu...frame, pas tu masuk dalam world guiness record for "the most tissue collector ":P

paij188 said...

semoga selamat abah awak ye syigim. :)

p.s. u lupe nak tulis tisu from fairus' place.. hihiihi..

Syigim said...

>> ica, wish i had a secret vault! :P

>> nadnye, camne nk contact guiness ppl tu ye hahaha... ;)

>> thanks fairus dear....yap, lupa plak nk include. tu la masa bday falisha ade tisu baru tak.. patut u keep for me lah hahah ;)

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