Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Are the Brothers?

a lot of people ask me - how's khaleef and kahfi around the new baby brother from day one? happiness? jealousy? were they helpful, were they playful? have they been a good help, or have they been a nuisance?

  • he's just like any normal 4-yr old with naughty tendencies but with a BIG heart *smile*
  • showed great brotherly love
  • the moment he saw kazim for the first time, he immediately says - "hello baby! sho cute lil lil baby!" and straight away gave kazim a kiss
  • very helpful - throw smelly poopy diapers, or take this and put away that - he'll do anything
  • always wants to check on the baby -
  • if kazim sleeps, he'll just look from a safe distance
  • if kazim's awake he'll lie down next to kazim and stares at him, occasionally giving kisses or holds his hand
  • if kazim's crying, khaleef will sing 'old macdonald has a farm', 'bob the builder' or 'itsy bitsy spider'
* * *

  • absolutely NO jealousy - really!
  • however, there was no emotion when he first saw kazim - he's just happy to see me and his bapak
  • it's as if kazim does not exist for the first few days - he will act as if there's noone new around and just did his usual playing and jumping around
  • by the 4-5 day he started noticing
  • imagine a kid who discovered a cute kitten in amusement - that was kahfi's reaction
  • until now, whenever he sees kazim, he'll giggle macam kelakar sangat kazim tu
  • i know he wants to kiss kazim - but his 'kiss' is just opening his mouth very wide and put it near kazim's nose!
  • he also tries a few times to lick kazim's cheek and nose!
* * *


sangat gangster - tido kena kipas, tido kena kluakan tangan sebelah, tido kena in my arms, tido takmo dalam crib, nak tido sebelah mak dia
- hmmph!

* * *

i could've gotten a better shot of the boys than this - but i just LOVE this picture. it just says it all - the brothers' role in the family!

khaleef the big taiko now, protectively sitting close by beside baby kazim, stares disapprovingly at the cheeky kahfi. kahfi meanwhile, tries his best to 'disturb' baby kazim despite the menacing look from big bro khaleef. baby kazim? naturally looks up to big bro khaleef for guidance and protection.

the picture is slightly blurry, and taken in haste - but it's just so cute, i can't resist.

* * *

to my 3 babies - take your time growing up, yeah?


arin said...

alahaaaaiiii...cute.Memang boleh ternampak2 gaya khaleef tuh. Next time balik KL, kita cari meeting point lain. Hari tuh Khaleef sakan main ngn Hanum, this time around confirm Zara sakan main ngan kahfi gak..

ICA said...

Nampak gaya macam Kazim rules.....siap taknak tidoq dlm crib lagi and nak dengan mak dia saja. Well, takpe's this turn kan..he's the cute the pics...

mama sufya & marissa said...

comey nye.....gerammm sabar nak jumpa diorg.....

Nadiah Sidek said...

alahai..comel je la abg2 kazim tu! blh duk gmbrkn mcm mana diorg bila baca ayat2 syigim. so sweet! especially si khaleef tu. eii..geram pulak rasa!

Syigim said...

>> ala kak arin, mcd ari tu pun okeh. lepas je budak2 berempat tu main. kalo port sama bole banding2 gambo dulu ngan skang hihi

>> u said it ica - kazim rulezzz! mmg at his age, we moms are totally slaves to their needs! hihi...

Syigim said...

>> syimot, Yang pun xsaba nk kumpulkan EVERYONE from haiqal to baby H semua sumbat kat leather couch abah tu amik gamba ;)

>> nadiah....geram2 ni, ape lagi....nk try get a boy next hihihi.. ;)

ummiluqman said...

cute sungguh the boys ni.. bila dapat nak jumpa lagi ni?

Syigim said...

hmmm.....kita pun dah lama xgi abu dhabi... hihi... ;)

aiDieNa said...

Ohooo.. macam tu gaya penerimaannya.. Alyaa & Aisha pon bih kurang jugak maser mumuler dapat Ainna.. dorang sangat happy.. yg beza.. Alyaa maser dapat Aisha.. Aisha selalu kena gigit... Khaleef tak pernah gigit Kahfi?

Syigim said...

khaleef ni mmg abang yg baik, aiDieNa...hihi...bukanla nk puji anak sendiri but dia mmg xpenah secara sengaja sakitkan adik dia. toys ke makanan ke, if kita elok2 suruh dia share, he will.

cuma skang ni dia suka marah adik dia kalo kaco baby baru kazim! hihi....

nurse @n!$ said...

just found ur blog..n diz entry..ur boyzz...sooo kiyutttt...lovely

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