Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Boo : Contraction!

at the time of writing, it's 4.30am dubai time, and i've been awake since 3.45am. it's the contraction pain again!

basically, contractions feel like cramping, or a tightening sensation that waves across your abdomen. it's one of the early signs of labor. it's different for every woman, and can be very uncomfortable!

i used my nokia stopwatch to time the pain :

1st pain - 1min 20sec
6min 29sec apart

2nd pain - 1min 7sec
5min 30sec apart

3rd pain - 31sec je?
9mins 11sec apart?!

4th pain - 1min 3 sec
7mins 34sec apart

5th pain - 1min 0sec
7mins 45sec apart

6th pain - 59sec
5mins 59sec apart

then i woke him up. "honey, i dah rasa sakit lah. i'm timing now."

without opening his eyes, without a pause, without a single hint of gelabahness, he replied, "ok, time lagi." krohh..krohh..krohh...

la sambung tido!

* * *

more news in the next hour. watch this space!


arin said...

update news?
khairul jawab tuh mmg tgh mamai betul la..

Mother of Two said...

masa dah time ker??? semoga selamat semuanya... update yer

Mama Safiyyah said...

hahahaha cute je hubby you reply.....

both my kids were didnt get to feel the anticipation of waiting.....

take care and keep us posted dear! all the best!!!

emee said...

take care syigim

dbalkis said...

Ayoyo shigim..cepat berbaris pegi hospital..By this time mungkin dah selamat lahir si baby boo ya..Amin!!

ICA said...

Mr K respond mcm tu sebab dah expert dah kot. Ni kan baby no dia cool saja. :))

arin said...

congrats syigim n khairul with the new born baby K ..

Syigim said...

thanks everyone! it WAS the ACTUAL contraction pain. went straight to the hosp after ade blood discharge, and delivered baby kay around 1+pm!


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