Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Stuff for Baby Kazim

everybody loves free stuff, eh?

when i gave birth to the boys, i do look forward to what i'd be getting as complimentary from the hospital. saje seronok!

i gave birth to khaleef at sunway hospital. i received a bath towel, and a big box of baby toiletries. nearly five years later, i still have the bath-towel, and i still use the big box to put cotton balls.

with kahfi at dubai hospital, i got sample tubes of nursing cream for bf-ing mothers, and the sudocrem rash-healing cream.

recently with kazim at al-wasl hospital, i got few boxes of breast pad, AND this cool yellow diaper pouch that looks more like a tool-kit!

it's johnsons so the items included were all from that brand - baby wipes, baby oil, shampoo and shower cream. i added the pampers so that it'll be a complete package for me to bring along when with kazim.

i love it because it's so handy, and it's in my favorite color - yellow!

see, it opens up into a flat plastic mat to place your baby as you change his/her diaper. cute kan? when you're done, just fold it up and toss it in the stroller, or even inside your huge handbag!

i like!

* * *

i'm doing a post on these hospital freebies because i recently read in gulfnews that a hospital in abu dhabi is giving away 700 FREE baby car seats to babies born there, starting this june.

free car seats?! best gile!

this is their effort to create awareness for safety in the car for babies, and they want the babies to leave the hospital in their brand new, FREE car seats!

sigh - imagine if baby kazim waited two more months, and we drove an hour to abu dhabi to deliver him there - we'd be coming back to dubai with kazim in a brand new car seat! hihi.

well, read the full story here.


Nadiah Sidek said...

cool! comel pun ye beg tu. dpt car seat lg best, kan? dh la car seat blh tahan mahalnya. silap ari tu syigim tak pesan kat kazim keluar lg lmbt..hihi..

Syigim said...

comel kan nadiah? suka sgt tambah2 kaler kuning :) dah pesan dah kat xnak dgr ckp mak dia laaa masa dlm perut hihi.. :P

HaniFadil said...

free car seat? mmg best giler!

Syigim said...

AA, senang2 je dpt car seat kan ;)

lina said...

syigim, best nyer dpt free.

Syigim said...

lina, mmg best gile. car seat plak tu!

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