Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Missed Earth Day!

last 22nd april was earth day. unless you're a non-earthling hurling through space in your rocket, you should care. even in the smallest way.

i was reminded of earth day when i clicked hanz's blog. it was just a very brief question posted to her readers : "today is earth day, but what does it mean to you?" but i enjoyed reading all the responses in the comment section. some did this, some are going to do that - all in the name of caring for the earth.

to go to her link and read the responses, click here. you can add your thoughts too!

what does it mean to me?

well, for one, back when i was still working, my colleagues and i would use our own tupperware or plastic container to tapau food. that really saved tons of individual plastic bags and a lot of polysterene packs.

i wrote about this little effort of ours in a letter to editor of the star newspaper.

"One of the things we did was to use normal plastic containers whenever we packed food, be it at the next-door Chinese restaurant, the mamak restaurant opposite our office, or at the Malay restaurant along the same row.

All of the teaching staff here practise this so much that whenever we go to these restaurants, the workers would just extend their hand to us, expecting an empty container. They would question us when we forget to bring one! We have been doing this since the beginning of last year."

~ an excerpt from the letter.

read the full letter here.

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ICA said...

wow, that was a good thing that u did with your colleagues. Even little things helps kan... I didn't do anything significant during earth day. But more conscious about bringing my own recycling bag everytime grocery shopping :))

Syigim said...

yes ica, whatever little things u can do.....bwk bag sendiri masa beli grocery is good! i blom bole buat lagi psl beli brg sgt2 byk skaligus, n nk recycle d plastic bags for garbage bags ;)

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