Monday, April 5, 2010

Kazim's 3 Birth Certificates

i don't know about other countries - but here in the uae, malaysian babies born here will have THREE birth certificates!

  1. the first official one in arabic
  2. then you'll get the translated one in english
  3. finally, one in bahasa malaysia

kazim got his arabic birth certificate yesterday! yay! he's officially a uae-born baby! the steps are very simple - to find out how, just click on the this link here, where i wrote about how kahfi got his arabic birth cert.

you have to go to the hospital where your baby was born in (for arabic), and then to al-baraha hosp (for the english one), and finally to malaysian consulate (to get the BM version) - to get the three birth certificates.

pay around 120dhs (equal to 120rm more or less) for all the procedures, and you're good!

the next step is to make kazim's passport ASAP (kalo tak, tak balik malaysia!), and when we get that, to apply for his resident visa (kalo tak, jadi pendatang plak kat dubai!).

* * *

sigh. it felt like only yesterday when we made these items for kahfi...


ICA said...

emmmm...lumrah hidup di perantauan, Syigim. All the necessary docs kena ada. If not susah kan...hehehe... How are you coping with baby no 3? Going on well, I hope. :)

arin said...

haah rasa cam baru lagi entry pasal kahfi ..
p/s: bila balik malaya?

Syigim said...

>> yes, ica..and so many docs to prepare to get those other documents!! hihi. i'm feelin's fine, the brothers are fine hihi..

>> tu la kak arin, suma rasa br lagiii ;) insyaAllah early july balik. still planning ;) confirm kena get together!

ummiluqman said...

wah banyak betul benda nak kena settle ye, so how's pantang..semoga syigim cepat recover,

Syigim said...

thanks che ma, alhmdulillah so far ok. me ok baby ok :) ni guide kalo2 che ma nk tambah sorang lagi abu dhabi baby ;)

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