Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Bloghopping and Blog Commentator Type

for you newbies to my blog, do you know i write for one of the coolest blogs for malaysian moms - the mombloggersplanet (MBP)? now how does this MBP-me relationship works?

at the beginning of every month, i try to send in a minimum of 3 articles to little mama, the mem besa of MBP. she then will review those articles before finally publishing it.

for april, i actually sent in my articles ahead, because i knew i might be giving birth and would probably be busy with the baby and pantang. (ye la busy. ni yg ko blog ni apehal? hihi)

anyways, all 3 april articles are already out, and if you missed any ONE of them, check it out by clicking the links!

* * *
1st article : Let's Blog Hop!

the first article was about 'blog hopping', which means :

reading one blog after another to read the postings or to leave comments; clicking them from your blogroll, from a link in your comment space, from the chatbox, or from blogrolls of other blogs'

when i first started blogging, i was actually selfish - i write for myself, and about myself. if i read other's blogs, i read blogs by my friends and families. my blogconscious was narrow and it was just me and a few bloggers in my little bloggy world.

however, gradually i realized that there are other bloggers out there with all sorts of stories to share, and i'd be wasting it if i don't take advantage and bloghop!

and then, when i joined MBP, i made a lot of new friends - making it A MUST to bloghop and visit all the 'jiran tetangga'. by then i knew the true meaning of bloghop, which transcends the need to get higher traffic, or just so that the blogger returns the visit - bloghopping to me became a reason for friendship.

it's as simple as that. read about the benefits of bloghopping here.

* * *

2nd article : Blogging : It Comes With a Job!

blogging comes with a whole lot of other jobs. don't believe me? then click here - and read about my interpretation of 'blogging with a job!'

while blogging, you're not only the obvious writer of your thoughts - but a 'teacher', a 'student', and even a 'CSI officer!'

* * *

3rd article : What Type of Blog Commentator Are You?

have you ever asked yourself that? that's the title of my 3rd april article. using a number of different food items - from banana split to siput sedut - i metaphorically linked it to the way we choose to give comments.

silly, amusing but fun - i hope! click here to read!

i agree, when we comment, it has a lot to do with :

  • the type of posting we're reading
  • how well we know the blogger/author
  • whether we're in the mood or otherwise!
  • time
  • how many blogs we're hopping on and plan to leave comments
so we can be ANY type of blog commentator at one time or another depending on these factors. whatever you choose to be, be THOUGHTFUL. simple comment, or long one - a well-thought comment will always leave you and the blogger feeling good!


ICA said...

Syigim, ada specific limit ke the number of articles u or other MBPs contributors kena send to little mama? U mentioned 3 per month.

Syigim said...

ica, from d first email we got about the condition of being an MBP contributor, little mama stated that min-3, and max-5 evry month. but tgk gaya little mama very lenient & bole kowtim! hihi......

ICA said...

oh gitu ka...that's good. I enjoy baca semua post2 kat the more the better...
ps: I tukang baca + support!

paij188 said...

i? hmmm i suke baca! i blog hop as sign of new friendship i made. but ur blog or ur article kat MBP WAJIB baca! :)

I komen as a sign of appreciation like u said, dah baca tinggakan komen so that tuan punye blog yang penat ber'blog' tu rase.. 'ade orang baca blog aku'

anyway, see ya tomorrow!

Syigim said...

ica, the contributors all are talented n have different stories & experience to share. mmg best!

Syigim said...

fairus, ur comments in my articles kat MBP is adding a personal touch to it tau! :)

betul!! "ade jgk ye org yg baca posting ni" bcoz that's exactly how WE feel when we get comments kan?? :)

YES!!! cant wait for tomorrow! yay yay..

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