Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sharifuddin Sisters : Updates

the boys are bathe, fed, and watching that cloudy meatball cartoon for the hundreth time. and their mak is trying not to think too much about due dates and babies comin out of her.

one of the best ways not to think too much about something that's worrying me; is eating. nyum nyum. but i already had lunch so i thought of the next best thing : my sisters.


* * *

anugerah artis popular? hihi

haji sharifuddin's puteri bongsu made him (and all of us her elder sisters) proud last week, when she won one of the 3 highly-coveted awards in the recent final year dinner and award night of 5th college UPM.

she won the award that was called the 'tinta harmoni' award, given to only one student who achieved a CGPA of 3.75, and at the same time has contributed significantly in college events and activities.

i'm so proud of my baby sister! go, go azi!

thanks to azi's buddies dylla and bell for the pictures! *smile*

* * *

courtesy of her soul mate nash, syida got to meet her crush on her birthday - stephen rahman hughes, best known for his unforgetable role as hang tuah in the 'puteri gunung ledang' musical. there was this broadway thingy at philharmonic hall klcc and he sang.

sigh. her 'adventure' of getting his signature is a reminscense of my own maniacal tendency to go after my favorite stars to get pictures together and autographs!

among others, i've gotten anuar zain's autograph (of course), the creative genius afdlin shauki, the handsome hans isaac, theater veteran jit murad, our ex-pm pak lah and the best signature of all was from tun mahathir.

total coolness.

* * *

kak long suffiya & baby sis marissa

here are latest pictures of my nephews and nieces taken from my sisters' facebook pages. picture above shows sisters suffiya and marissa - daughters of my younger sis syima. the last time i saw baby marissa was on the 2nd day she was born! that same day i had to go to klia to board a plane back to dubai.

heard that she's much, much chubbier now!

the three H : husna, haqeem & haiqal

and here's my eldest sisters' kiddos - abang long haiqal, abang haqeem, and lil baby sis husna who just turned 2 recently. i can't over how big husna look right now - so ladylike already!

yong is ALSO expecting - yeap! her fourth kid, and abah's 9th grandkid, after my 3rd baby kay.

cucu-cucu haji sharifuddin :
  1. muhammad haiqal syahid
  2. muhammad haqeem syukran
  3. khaleef
  4. suffiya syafeeqah
  5. nur aisyah husna
  6. kahfi
  7. marissa marha
  8. baby kay
  9. baby H

all the best for both of us, yong!

* * *

no babies yet, people. and this morning's contraction pain seemed to have ceased completely. we'll see!

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