Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Boo : The Nesting Ground

i'm preparing the nest!

...starting with the boys' clothings!
  1. remove khaleef's clothes to upper drawer
  2. remove kahfi's clothes from baby basket to middle drawer
  3. compile, wash, hang to dry and fold khaleef and kahfi's baby clothes, napkins mittens and booties for incoming baby kay

khaleef's t-shirts, pajamas, jeans, socks and such are kept in the cupboard in the guest room, in the middle section of the cupboard. now that lil bro kahfi's stuff is going there as well, i removed khaleef's clothes up a level to make room for kahfi's stuff.

before this, i kept kahfi's stuff in a basket placed near his crib. now, his clothes are 'promoted' to be placed together with big bro's stuff in the guest room.

the basket is being prep up for the incoming baby kay! itty bitty pajamas, rompers, mittens and booties too! minyak telon, baby powder, rash lotion and the works! oh, i even korek-korek and found their old baby pillows, bolster and mat - those need to be washed too!

in the meantime, rasa nak print je this baby check-list from my just10 buddy anneeza - click here for full list!

* * *

next, is the crib or baby cot!

we're proud to use the one that we have been using for khaleef, and kahfi! still in good condition, and have not been in use since we came back from malaysia last year. since then, both boys had been sleeping on the same single bed which is pushed close to ours.

there had been 'accidents' or overlapping feet on stomach, or hand on face and 360 degree turning as they slept hihi but so far all is well!

* * *

after this, the baby car seat and the stroller! (honey, you balik keja kang you gi korek bilik stor for the stuff ye).

last time we use to bring out two strollers - the smaller one for kahfi, and the bigger one for khaleef because sometimes he sleeps in the car and becomes too grumpy to walk when we've arrived at our destination.

the brothers in their respective strollers!

however, since few months back, we haven't been using the bigger stroller, because i want khaleef to get use to not having any stroller to sit (or sleep) on! now, if he sleeps on the way, we wake him up a few minutes before arriving. we kept him up with 'interesting' conversations on the cars and bikes we see on the street, or we sing a song. works most of the time!

* * *

baby clothes, baby cot and stroller.

ok, ape lagi?


Hanz said...

Bestnyer!Bestnyer! U know the best part yang I suka bila preggie, bila go shopping for baby stuff & tuck them nicely somewhere & then from time to time, dok belek2 barang2 tu! :>

Syigim said...

isk isk.. br teringat xbeli ape2 yg baru pun for the 3rd baby ni. mentang2 la 3rd one ye. but i really wanna buy something new for the baby.. esp the 1st ever2 baju that the baby will wear once klua hosp.. hihi..

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