Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Ethics Lessons from Kindergarten

klik cepat!

my first march-article on the super-cool website for malaysian moms, mombloggersplanet for working moms, work-from-home moms and moms like me who stays at home while tryin to stay sane managing home and the screamin kiddos! hihi.

this time i list out the simplest, most logical, straight-forward rules that our kids learn while in kindergarten, and apply it to blogging. because you know, sometimes the simplest rule is the one that we forgot to remember!

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did you know i was in early child education? loving it! i've lectured 20 year-olds before, and then i've endured 5 year-olds. i must say i enjoyed the little kiddos more!

sigh. i really miss my job. wanna know what i did before leaving for dubai? click here.

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