Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kay Boys : Indoor & Outdoor

indoor, or outdoor - kiddos need a little space to roam free, or rather, a LOT of space - to exercise their mind and muscles, and just to be kids!

* * *

with mickey mouse clubhouse on cable tv, disney animations on dvds, kick-ass naruto on x-box and interactive games via the internet, i'm glad that my boys can still have fun even without the usage of electricity!

messy? sure! noisy? definitely! but i remember when i was little, i turned over the sofa and draped bed sheet over it, to become a haunted house, and mak never said a word. she let us have our own world, created through our own imagination.

asal takde benda pecah, i let my boys have the same experience too!

khaleef the big bro of course runs the show, and little bro just tagged along. the sofa would be a pirate ship, or the carpet can be a race course, and under the coffee table is a clubhouse full of toys.

one time it was the stroller. flip and flap, suddenly it's a race car. vroom vroom they went!

wonder what kahfi is saying to big bro khaleef?

* * *

i admit these days i'm too tired to take the boys out. really tired. i feel so fat! especially since i know i have to chase after kahfi if i let him 'escape' in his boots and new-found talent for running!

so if you hear, "khaleef! take kahfi!" or "khaleef! stop kahfi!" or "khaleef! tu kahfi tu!" - that's me!

this was taken just few hours earlier, when i took the boys out at their usual football space right at the back of our apartment. it's really nice - walled area, spacious and safe.

we just spent less than an hour there. too hot, and their mak is too tired already! oh well, at least the boys have their few moments out in the open!

* * *

too bad we're currently staying in an apartment without trees right outside. khaleef would enjoy climbing trees.

back in my ipoh house, we have this mango tree in our lawn. when i was little, i would climb without a care in the world. sometimes i lay down newspaper and just sit there, pretending it's a tree-house. tapi tak boleh duk lama-lama. ade kerengga ngan nyamuk!

when i go back to ipoh and look at the tree, i can't imagine i was that little - because the tree is so short! hihi.

now i just have to remember not to freak out when my boys climb trees - because i did it too when i was little, and survived!


arin said...

rambut heroes dah panjang and muka dah mcm sama. ketinggian je yg bezakan diorg.

ica said...

your sons cute sangat. Looks like they had such a fun time running they play well together? my girls kejap baik, kejap gaduh... :))

Syigim said...

>> hihi betui kak arin...saje simpan panjang sbb sejuk winter kat dubai ni. bila khaleef stat skool kena potong!

>> thanks ica, cute like mommy ;) actually they play well, mainly bcoz abang senang nk mengalah, at the same time adik pun xkaco sgt abg punye toys ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

imaginasi bdk2 mmg tinggi, kan? semua benda blh dibuat main. kita yg tgk tergelak2 :D

Anonymous said...

cutenye budak ber2 tu naik stroller ala naik sampan..wondering apa yg diorang imagine tu.

Anonymous said...

Hi Syigim,

Your sons are adorable. It's really nice too see them having the time of their life. Continue to enjoy your motherhood with the little ones .....


Anonymous said...


hi syigim...akak slalu jugak baca syigim punya blog ni..mmg menarik suka akak baca. semua story pasal family...seronak jer tgk life syigim..semoga happy slalu..kalau akak mcm syigim mesti seronok gak di kelilingan ngan anak² sedang membesar..mcm² story...

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, tu la ade je benda diorang nk guna buat main. dulu kita masa kecik2 pun macm tu, so biar je la diorang berimaginasi! :)

>> mama miya, u kata sampan, budak2 tu kata race car. to me "rosak kang!!" hihi... but biar la skali skala have fun ;)

Syigim said...

hi sandra! thanks for dropping a comment! there's an ugly truth to my motherhood behind those fun and games! hahhahaha... tryin to stay sane while takin care of those boisterous boys! :P

but, yes, i'm enjoyin every moment of it! :)

Syigim said...

salam kak, (lenkali tinggalkan nama, senang nk borak hihi ;)

terima kasih slalu jenguk blog. kadang2 ingatkan org boring kalo baca psl familyyyy je. tapi bagi saya xpe lah. buat masa ni asalkan saya enjoy menulis, saya masukkan jgk psl family hihi..

alhamdulillah so far life is good :) harap berkekalan smpai bila2 :)

temp. housewife said...

I let my daughters to do the same too. I'll wait before their bed time and normally they will tidy up their mess. (it's our golden rule). sometimes I join in their little play too. It's good as they would enjoy more when we take part too.

Syigim said...

kak nur, betul diorang excited if i join in. :) they know it's make believe so rasa silly & klaka bila mak diorang pun buat bunyi2 n play pretend! ;)

Call me Keledek. said...

Khaleef byk ikut muka his mommy while his bro memang sebijik bapak dia. Kecik kecik both dah nampak machio!

Syigim said...

fatimah, ur not the first one! ;) eh tp kan..if u tgk my pict masa baby, mcm kahfi tau! hihi...

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