Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Children's Book Giveaway by Little Red Reading Nook

in the blogging world, there's a term called 'giveaway'.

now, being new at blogging, at first i have no idea what this is. ade je mak-mak blogger put up blog posts like 'giveaway from mimi CD store', or 'mommy_yaya breastfeeding giveaway', or 'ema's best raya pictures giveaway'.

these are mostly online stores or businesses, or even a few mommies 'giving away' mommy-friendly items like breast pump, facial cream, cloth diapers, or children's books in return for winning a contest they set up, just by 'following' their blog, or simply completing a few simple tasks.

i was never really interested in these 'giveaways' until 'little red reading nook' set up one! 'little red reading nook' is a cute little 'bookshop' for your kiddos, selling books via online for boys and girls alike - from the 'disney princess' series to 'bob the builder' and even my childhood favorite (and still is!) 'sesame street' books - and a whole lot more titles!

this site was one of the many awesome sponsors for the 'cutest baby on the planet' contest by mombloggersplanet, and kahfi won a hamper of books, which include few books of his favorite character - thomas the train!

and now, the possibility of getting more freebies books for my boys - just by a few clicks? BOOKS? free books? heck, count me in! i have a whole bookshelves filled with my terry pratchett, stephen king and jeffrey archer books, it's time the boys take a few sides of the shelves for their collection!

the 'giveaway' ends tomorrow so it's today or never! to know more about the 'giveaway', click here! to be part of it is so simple!

  • follow 'little red reading nook' - the blog or facebook
  • add its link in your blog
  • add its logo on your blog's sidebar
  • place the 'giveaway' banner above in your entry
  • include the link to this 'give-away', and leave your entry permalink in that page

all done! i hope i get more books for the boys!


ddfirdaus said...

alamak..i'm interested too..tq eh for the info..kalau sempat i join..

Ummi Hanie said...

sy pun interested but too bz to make a blog post about it..gonna make it ASAP ...

anyway , if u r interested , am having a giveaway too *wink!* easy peasy one ! :)

Syigim said...

>> jom join cepat dbalkis! ari ni last day! ;)

>> ummi hanie - ASAP tau! today last day.. waa..ade giveaway jgk? nanti i checkout ;)

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