Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

dah lama tak dapat award! hihi.

this one is from a new-found blogger friend dbalkis. thanks! receiving this means i have to list out 7 things about myself, and tag 7 more new-found blogger friends!

(apsal 7 je?)

ok lah. 7 pun 7 lah!

7 stuff about me that you should know :

  1. i'm married to penang boy mr. khairul, and i have 2 sons - 4 year old khaleef and 1 year old kahfi, plus another kay coming!
  2. my major field of study was language and literature
  3. i love reading, writing, singing and collecting (refer to #6), also disney cartoons and chinese-style cooking
  4. i am obsessive about color coordination, or some kind of coordination (big to small, or shapes, or types, or shades of color). books on the shelf, clothes hang to dry, or clothes hang in closet
  5. i do not like anything coffee, and taugeh, and blind flying cockroaches
  6. i am a collector. tissue napkins, paper serviettes, drink stirrer, lanyard, theater booklets, theme park maps, hotel keycards, bookmarks and chopsticks. i'm a sucker for these things!
  7. i was born and raised in ipoh with my other 4 sisters, got married and lived in KL, and now staying in dubai

* * *

i happily tag these 7 new-found bloggirls - new friends made through blogging, and new blogs found through friendship!

  1. kak norisa - yong's old schoolmate, dah kenal lama but baru hari ni tau dia ade blog!
  2. ica - knew her for the past few weeks only, seems new in blogging world (judging from number of posts) but already i enjoyed her style of writing very much
  3. nadiah - a sweetie who blogs from nebraska. it's a joy to follow the progress of her little princess!
  4. kak nur - another one blogging from faraway - new zealand! i admire her as a blogger who makes use of her time and priceless experience at a foreign land
  5. cik ma/azma - stationed in abu dhabi, technically my neighbour lah! hihi. glad we met during the bazaar malaysia
  6. hanz - another gem of a blog. love her style, and content of writing
  7. this is for my current basi-blogger-buddies (hihi) kak arin, anneeza, fida, fairus, aisha and sape-sape yang rasa dia bootiful blogger hihi.
* * *

cousins at play : kahfi & husna, taken when we went back to msia last year

taking an itty bitty space to wish my cute chubby wubby niece nuna or nur aisyah husna, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! born 2 years ago, technically she and kahfi are the same age, spaced by 9 months!

husna is
  • yong's only girl (so far) and 3rd child
  • expecting a baby brother or baby sister
  • abah's second grand-daughter, and 4th cucu
  • so cute!!!
happy birthday again - with BIG love from aunty gim, uncle khairul, cousins abang khaleef and kahfi!


FiDa@aMiDa said...

salam syiqim

dtg nak collect award..dpt title blogger basi pon basilah hehehhehe..anyway tq for the award..mana tau dpt award ni lagi rajin nak kasi cantik blog hehhehe

Ummi Hanie said...

taniah dpt award...

mmg sah award ni sdg berleluasa dgn ganaznye...tihihi..sbb apa sy cakap gitu?sbb sy pun dh sy tgk cara penyerahan/tag tu berbeza2..;)

so u r in dubai ! bestnyer !

Nadiah Sidek said...

thank you syigim! ni yg sayang syigim lebih ni..hihi

dbalkis said...

cepat betul syigim ni mengentry..Bagus le..:-)

Syigim said...

>> fida, haha.. saje je taruh title 'basi' tu psl blog award tu sepatutnya utk kawan2 blogger baru.. hihi. basi pun basi la ye ;)

>> ummi hanie, sonok dpt award2 ni. mmg suka jwb soalan2 tag jgk! :D

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, sila..sila claim award ;)

>> dbalkis, dah lama xdpt award tu excited nk buat cpt2 tu hihi..

ICA said...

Syigim...Thank you..Thank you. I can't stop smiling :)) Not even a month old in this blogging world & dah dpt tag like this. Really boost my semangat to write better. And you know..I'm one of your biggest fan kan...goes without saying coz I baca ur blog daily. Dah hooked, hehehe... take care ya.

Syigim said...

hihi ica... dah habis smiling ke :)) you can write well, and your first few postings are just the beginning of more & more interesting postings!

waah...biggest fan ke (kembang kembang haha) kalo camni i kena bukak fanclub lah! hihihihihi..

paij188 said...

tengkiu! basi pun basi lah.. tp dapat jugak award, thanks again!

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