Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Boo : Bila Due Date?

i can't remember my last period, and as a result, the docs can't seem to determine for sure the due date of my 3rd baby delivery. and i met a couple of docs.

did you know that one of them put THIS DAY as my due date? (takkanlah! mesti april tu! takkan cepat sgt) the previous doctors stated mid-april as the due date, but this one particular doc was so confident based on the measurement of the baby.

eventhough she's the only doc who gave that date, it's a possibility that cannot be ignored!

still, she did say that measurement can give false due date too - if your sugar level is high, the baby might appear bigger, and if you have low blood, the baby may be smaller than it should be based on the weeks. correct me if i'm wrong but that's what i understood!

anyways, there's still a few hours left so you never know! but i never heard of ANYONE giving birth exactly ON their due date given by docs.

still, you never know!

was my psycho playing tricks on me, JUST because i knew it's supposed to be my due date - because i felt something LIKE a contraction early this morning. i timed it, and it was consistent only for three rounds. then i went to the toilet, flushed out whatever's necessary - and the pain stopped. haha. bukan lah tu!

but again, you never know!

hmm. personally, i hope he comes after the 3rd, which is the day mr. khairul's mom will come to dubai to supervise my pantang. so baby boy kay, tunggu la opah ko datang dubai! 3 hari je lagi! boleh opah jagakan abang khaleef ngan abang kahfi!

lagi satu, mak nak gi aquaplay lagi bawak abang bila opah datang. mak nak gi birthday party kak falisha lagi kat umah aunty fairus lusa ni. sblom pantang, mak nak makan nasi mandi satu round weekend ni. macam-macam tau! baby duk diam-diam dulu okeh!

more updates in the near hour. waiting on pins and needles!


Anonymous said...

Hi Syigim,

I actually e-mailed Khairul to find out and he said the baby hasn't arrived. Since you have some cravings before you deliver, let's hope the baby only comes after all your cravings are met ..... and another sisterly advise, try to note down your period date every month .... it is very helpful not only for our due dates but for all other women related issues .... Take care yah


Syigim said...

hi sandra! so sweet of you to 'drop by'! YES! i have lotsa cravings but khairul said he only 'layan' my cravings during the early pregnancy. hmmph!

i know sis.....i'm SO bad at that! i always tried noting the dates a few times, and then stopped. and then tried to start to note down again. will be more consistent in d future!

thanks for the concern. will keep u updated! :)

aiDieNa said...

Wahhh.. Syigim.. I tak tau you tgh menunggu angggota baru.. Apa² pon Selamat Melahirkan.. makan pepuas apa diidam.. pantang sok pantang betul².. hehehe... my sis pon tgh tunggu hari nie.. due dia pertengahan bulan 5.. tapi perut cam dah tak larat nak bawak jer.. kat opis I nie ada sorang kakak tu pregnant kembar sepasang.. boy & girl... due bulan 5 jgk.. tapi humakgaiii.. perut dia besar sangat.. sangat takot aku melihatnyer... seriauuu jerr!

Selamat beranak yer!

i_sofia said...

Syigim, my MIL pesan masa sofia nak deliver my son, kalau kita rasa sakit, pegi mandi.. kalau lepas mandi still sakit, meaning that is the time.. kalau lepas tu x sakit.. boleh la teruskan usaha makan2 u tu.. hehehe..

btw, sofia doakan yang terbaik utk u. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan u tu!! take care

Syigim said...

aiDieNa, mmg i makan je ape nk hihi...camne la agaknye carry kembar ye. ni yg sorang ni pun i dah rase bulat sgt sgt!

my eldest sis pun expecting! so my dad akan dpt 2 cucu la tahun ni insyaAllah hihi.. :)

Syigim said...

sofia, thanks so much for the tip! mmg lepas gi toilet tu i mandi, and mmg xrase dah sakit tu. bukan time lagi la ye? hmmm, agak2 betul la tu kan petua ur MIL tu ye.

thanks dear for d well wish n doa. tu la hrp2 baby dpt tunggu lg 3-4 hari! ;)

temp. housewife said...

K.nur selalu kena marah dgn hubby pasal tak sure bila period. hehehe. esp. kalau mcm kes Syigim la kan. ANyway, take care.

Syigim said...

wow kak nur, sungguh prihatin hubby kak nur ye... tu la, syigim ni xconsistent. kejap tick calendar, kejap tu terlupa plak nk tanda period date tu.. :P

arin said...

bila baca entry nih, kak arin kena selalu ingat la bila kala last time eriod. kalau dak, mmg nanti cam kes syigim le gamaknya. :)

Syigim said...

mmg kak arin, xpsl2 kena pokpek je ngan doc tu psl xsure bila last period!

ICA said...

Syigim, in my case...I delivered both girls on week 36! Lari terus dari due date punya calculation hehehe.. take care dearie...I am sure when the time comes...u'll be ready.

Nadiah Sidek said...

"lagi satu, mak nak gi aquaplay lagi bawak abang bila opah datang. mak nak gi birthday party kak falisha lagi kat umah aunty fairus lusa ni. sblom pantang, mak nak makan nasi mandi satu round weekend ni. macam-macam tau! baby duk diam-diam dulu okeh!"

teringat pulak ms pregnant dulu..ms nk dekat2 deliver..asyik cakap dgn baby suruh keluar awal. suka2 kan suruh baby keluar awal/keluar lmbt. hihi..

Syigim said...

>> ya, ica dear i pun rase should be earlier than due date ni! hihi.. and i don't think i'll ever be ready! :P

>> mmg nadiah, suka2 je nk suh baby klua bila kan. hihi. my husband siap ckp2 kat baby suh klua 8 apr semata2 psl bday dia 8 mac jadi lebih kurang date tu nanti :P

KambingBujang said...

good luck Syigim.. hope everything goes smooth.

i have another month to go

Syigim said...

thanks kambing bujang. good luck to u too..! :)

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