Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Misty Morning in Dubai

tuesday morning, and this was the view from our apartment. subuh lagi la tak nampak apa. this morning was also a repeat view, and it was worse because i can't even see the apartment opposite ours!

fog? mist? call it what you want but it blanketed the rest of dubai it seemed, 'chopping off' dubai's skyline!

the two apartment buildings in my view was completely invisible during the early morning. i asked mr. khairul to drive to work later since it didn't look advisable to operate a moving vehicle with this kind of visibility!

gulfnews in fact reported several accidents involving one dead, because of poor visibility driving in the fog. full detail here.



by later that morning, the view got better and mr. khairul went off to work. however, believe it or not, the fog macam main aci nyorok because minutes after mr. khairul left, the fog came back and settled on the apartments to shield it from my view again!

here are two reports from gulfnews about the early morning fog, and the fact that it'll probably be like this till the weekends! click here and here.


Yuslinda said...

alo cik adik,pagi tadi k.linda ada meeting kat school bdk2,90 min stuck kat traffic tau,selalu 15 min je,jln kat Jabel Ali Ke Lahbab tu accident keta,lori,bus ngan sewaktu dengannya 30 bijik percaya tak?kesian lak tgk.nasib bdk2 naik bas selamat pagi tadi.harap2 esok tak teruk sgtkan.

paij188 said...

ye ke? no wonder la dgr dalam radio semalam ade accident merata2. kat sini pun foggy gak leh tahan, sampai basah2 lantai.

Syigim said...

>> ye ke kak linda. teruk gile jam! 30 bijik tu sure terlajak langgar bumper psl xnampak. drive safely when ur out! :)

>> smlm lagi teruk. mmg xnampak apa. rasa mcm kat genting plak in d morning, only worse! :P

FiDa@aMiDa said...

syiqim aah lah sama lah kat apt fida pon view blur abis tak nmpk apa..mcm dok kat cameron highland lak pulak hehheo

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