Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Waffle-Freakazoid

we are five sharifuddin girls. 4 syazrins and a nazirah. and today is the birthday of the 4th one in the family. happy birthday, syida!

syida and her comelest nephews khaleef and kahfi @ JBR

just finished her masters, starting a high-flying job, and enjoying life. there are lots more to come, sis!

we bonded in many ways than one:
  • growing up, we share a room in abah's ipoh house
  • we both do a little art - drawing mostly
  • we both read pretty much the same genre - from the likes of stephen king and roald dahl
  • we both enjoy pretty much the same movies - or if not, she 'gets' what i like and doesn't mind indulging in it
  • when i read her school essays/blog i can't help seeing some similarities in her style of writing - the same wit and charm (cewah nak kata yg i pun charming la tu hahahahahhahaaaa..)

...if only we share the same mass of body fat!

latest picture : azi's birthday treat for syida yesterday - makan nasi mandi @ al-rawsya, ampang

happy birthday again, dear syida! love you lots and missing our chitchats!

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