Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drink Stirrer, Lanyard, Bookmarks & Theme Park Maps

hey hey hey - drop that mop and take a break! close that file from office and take a chill pill. pass the screaming baby to your other half and pay attention - been long since i invite you guys into my weird world of happy junks.

now let's make a check list - have you seen my other collectibles?

  1. x-files
  2. tissue
  3. postcard
  4. theater booklets
  5. books


now just to sum it all up - here's 4 more of my collection - hey you, yeah you! stop yawning! you can always click this window shut or go to other blogs! or else, grab a popcorn or kacang puteh and sit quietly!

theme park maps, lanyard, bookmarks and drink stirrer

* * *

something you use to stir your drink. but something i collect. it's small, long, flat, thin - easy storage. it comes in different colors and shapes as its head. and like the tissues, it has got memories too.

i keep 'em all in my nike shoe box. i can't recall how many i have, but my favorites are the ones with unique head shape, like the steakhouse windmill and the ship. the best includes:

kelab golf diraja perak
when in doubt, "golf club?" - the answer to most "malam ni nak makan apa?" or "makan mana?" also, for raya emergencies when food served is not enough. it's a family place. i love the lamb. the last time i went it's renovating - i bet it looks pretty different when i go back mid this year.

the one in star hill. had dinner when mak was still around. didn't like the food. yes, i don't care how posh the place is.

* * *

a lanyard, laniard, or wrist strap is a rope or cord often worn around the neck or wrist to carry something, like your handphone, a name tag, your camera or your keys.

when i was lecturing in a private college in my hometown ipoh, i had to wear a staff tag with a lanyard. i was given a dark blue one, the corporate color of the college i guess, but the rebel inside decided to get more lanyard of different colors - just so i could color coordinate it with my clothes and tudung. so i changed the lanyard daily, accordingly.

*yes, another thing you should know about me is that i love to coordinate colors.

nways, one thing led to another and before long i started to get more lanyard - this time with flowers, or cartoon character and such.

* * *

i didn't plan to collect bookmark, if that makes sense. 90% of the bookmarks i have were presents and the rest i got for free. i just sort off got them piled up over the years.

oddly enough, i never use these bookmarks when reading, being a savage reader myself. i just grab any pamphlet or folded up paper as bookmark - i've even used a boarding pass once - that way i could just tuck 'em in those pages and not have to worry about losing 'em.

* * *

who doesn't collect these? when you go to a theme park, these maps are the least that you could have kept. unless you held on to it too long with your excited, sweaty fingers, and kept referring to it too vigorously; folding and unfolding it - that it became roti canai by the time the walk at the theme park ends. as such, you're best to do without.

what's great about these maps are they tell you what's the theme park is all about, and also reminds you what rides you took and what games you played, or have missed. you have got to keep these maps!

probably the best memories i have about these maps is the one on disneyland, california - i distinctly remember - abah has always been the tourist guide - but that day he enthusiastically asked me to lead the way. look at the map, and tell us where to go first, next and after that. man, i was in charge. i was important. i got so excited that the map was my siamese twin for the duration of the trip to disneyland.

* * *


anymore collection?


mrszyi said...

syigim, it's me, cop's wife commenting here for d 1st time.

wwoooww what a collection you have there, huh? sure treasured items ni siap bwk gi dubai ke?

tapi mmg syok kan ada collection mcm ni? i used to collect bookmarks also last time, not tak dah..


Syigim said...

hullo! wah best! visit2 le slalu!

i mmg bwk sampai ke dubai! hihi..sayang nk tinggal - maybe weird but thats me! hihi..

wai said...

Dear Syigim, Niraku passed me ya link! I'm impressed by ya super-kewl collectibles!! Wayyyy to go babe! Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam hahaha, I can feel ya craziness (well, it's like me n my fridge magnetsssss madness, that is!) p/s: i'm a junk collector too! i used to collect raya angpows envelopes annnnndddd yeap, shoe boxes seem like the best place to safe-guard our khazanah aight? heheh

Syigim said...

wai! bestnye you drop by a msg! come often ok! and THANKS for being another collector wacko! we're not alone in this world among *normal* people! :D

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