Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paintball @ Sharjah Golf Club

do you play *paintball?

when mr khairul mentioned paintballing this saturday, it reminded me of my officemate haida. she was nuts about paintball - having been actively involved in the game as a player, at times photographer and sometimes coordinating the games herself. she had suggested it to me a couple of times - thanks, but no thanks! however, mr. khairul was very interested but never got around to actually do it.

and today he got the chance! we went to a golf and shooting club in sharjah, another state in the UAE, just a few minutes drive from dubai.

* paintball is a game in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a "paintball") usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas (HPA or N2) powered paintball gun (or marker)


what is it about paintball that made full-grown men behave like kids at play? and still look cool doing it?

here's a chance to role play - armed with a rifle-like gadget called a 'marker', a cool mask, equipped oneself with mechanic-like garb and vest like bullet-proof ones - and you're ready to kick some butts. without actually killing anyone, that is. hurting yes. oh, how it hurts!

types of paintball games
speaking of role play, there are variations of paintball - the ones that mr khairul played today were *speedball and *scenario.

*speedball consists of inflatable bunkers, while *scenario type is much more interesting. in scenario, instead of boring 'floats', there would be old tanks and jeeps, rusty aeroplanes that appeared to crash-land on the field - it re-creates an atmosphere much like in a war zone. players used these 'items' as shields to protect them as they try to shoot and avoid being shot at while completing their tasks.

getting in touch with his inner warlord, khaleef tried a hand on the marker. ironically, he needs some growing up to do to play this 'toy'!

meet new friends! khaleef was all too glad to hang out with young adam, playing big brother with pride. adam's mom, adawiyah welcomed us into her tent, which helped a lot under the scorching heat and kahfi's occasional tantrums. khaleef already made himself at home in the tent much to the amusement of adam.

what happened?
  • change into appropriate attire - chest pad, mask - for protection
  • before games started, hardcore paintball player zam gave a briefing on the do's and don'ts as well as what to do when with whom
  • play! speedball style
  • mr. khairul came out with a visible green patch on his chest - spot on!
  • play another round before stopping for solat
  • continue with a scenario
  • came out tired, bruised but satisfied
  • ate nasi goreng, courtesy of adawiyah

the team took a friendly shot together right before 'killing' each other.

so how was the game?

sakit jugak!

mr. khairul had one complaint - "marker i rosak! pellet pusing ke kiri when i nak aim straight!" (excuses...excuses...) well, being a member of kl rifle club he was dead-confident that paintballing would be no different than shooting bull's eye at a shooting range. "i'm a sharp-shooter, ape! marker buat hal!"


so, want to try paintballing?

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