Monday, February 16, 2009

I Will Protect You, Lil Bro

by khaleef khairul

mak cooks
bapak works
i will look after you
younger brother

mak blogs
bapak checks mails
i will keep my eye on you
little brother

mak here
bapak there
i will take care of you
noisy brother

mak snoozes
bapak snores
i will sing you to sleep
shweepy brother

i will protect you
my brother

someone to lean on,
someone to count on,
someone to tell on!

p/s: touch my brother and you're dead meat!


Arin said...

wah..tuh sure awal pagi nye gambar kan?muka asam2 je budak dua tuh..

Syigim said...

mmg pun! hihi...pagi2 golek2 bermalas2... ;)

Yong said...

so sweeeettt....hhihii...semoga khaleef menjadi abang yang baik.... :)

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