Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Sons

comot when they eat
noisy when they speak
smelly when they poop
sweethearts when they sleep

love them to bits!

My Sons
By Ruth Joy

Sticky fingers,
dirty face
rugs and pillows
out of place.

Cars and tractors
here and there,
blocks and boats

Gold and silver
have I none,
but worth a million
are my sons.

p/s: don't they look alike @ 1-2 mths old?


diyana anwar said...

for me..
they dont really look alike..
kahfi a bit tembam..
khaleef kcik skit..
kahfi muka garang..
khaleef muka manja..aww,hehe
kahfi sejibik,i mean it ok..S-E-J-I-B-I-K muka kak syigim..
khaleef-?? combination of both kott..

thats, in my opinion..ok?

Syigim said...

teh, kahfi sebijik mcm kak syigim ke? waahhh ini bermakna, kahfi tu cute gile2 la kan? :P

tapi bile tgk2 kak syigim pun rasa muka khaleef sweeter than kahfi. kahfi more macho..hihi

jeff said...

>> he's cute...
>> and adorable...:D

Syigim said...

thanks! welcome en. jeff, to my little corner! do visit often ok? :)

sofia said...

yeah. he's cute and you are pretty. like your blog. oh, and like my ustazah. she looks just like you. but you are prettier. hihi... :) .

Syigim said...

sofia, of course i'm pretty! hihi...that's why i have such cute boys! :P

nz said...

kahfi a bit tembam.. <-- bak kate diyana, same macam YANG.

Syigim said...

azi! he's gaining weight! mmg la time tgh stat tembam! khaleef pun telah melalui fasa yg sama ok masa 1-2mth ol.

so..bukan sebab Yang chubby!! :P

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