Monday, February 2, 2009

Borak Sama Abah

meet haji sharifuddin.
this is my abah.
  • known among collegues as sharif.
  • fondly known among extended relatives as sha.
  • by nieces and nephews as uncle sha.
  • by grandchildren as atuk.
  • affectionately known among his close childhood friends and families as podin. don't ask!

best known to syimee, syigim, syima, syida and azi as - plain and simple - abah.

today i had a chat with him through the magical world of yahoo messenger. abah tak download skype lagi ye? it was so nice to see him smiling through the webcam. especially when looking at the silly stuff khaleef did - like stretching his mouth using his pointy finger.

i can't believe we're separated by millions of miles and gallons of sea water! what did we chat about?

abah's 3rd grandson. abah refered to him as 'funny boy' as he continues to amuse my abah everytime they met. the chat with khaleef didn't last long as khaleef had other important thing to do such as crawling under a table and shouting "jack sparrow!" while waving a small flag post. it also doesn't help when khaleef constantly shooshing my abah - "baby sleep!"

yes, it's cold here. heard there's snow? i read it's only on the mountains in ras al-khaymah (another state in UAE). weather reports aren't that interesting...

abah said he found out about 2 makan place in KL that serves mandy! man, now i have bekalan even when i'm out of dubai! i'd definitely go there when i'm back in malaysia, even just to compare the taste. my sister syima had gone and she said it's so good that she even bungkus one to go.

abah going there jalan-jalan! "..tengok bunga sakura spring time.." i just said, remember to bring back tissues and fridge magnet, ok. period. man, it's so easy with me - i don't ask for korean silk or hong kong pearl or aussie's kangaroo fur coat (kalau nak bagi boleh jugak!) just bring me some nicely creased tissues!

me going back
told abah that we're coming home middle of this year! yay! so prepare the food and fluff up the pillow ok! caramel pudding from yong, nasi tomato from cik and nasi ayam from auntie na. and nak pergi kedai tokcik sekali! it's all about food, huh?

going to the beach
"..abah bila nak datang?" i was yaking away about walking to the beach at dubai marina with the nice weather. also listing out all the fun, relaxing thing that abah can do when in dubai marina. i know he's tired easily these days so while in dubai marina he doesn't need to go anywhere far - the beach, the food, the shops, the marina, the crowd, the action - all in one place.

then kahfi woke up.
gotta go, abah!
we chat later!

hope to see you and the rest soon.

love always from your second born.


mama sufya said...

klakarla baca chat ngan abah tu...abah ni,, nantila nak bwk abah...(mmg abah pesan suh bwk abah)...time pegi tu abah pn dh balik....sebenarnye saje exaggerate kan kesedapannye....nanti nak try kat tpt lain lak...shawarma tu apa?

Syigim said...

shawarma tu actually mcm kebab. guna roti pita tu, dlm ade chicken bits. cuma sauce n marinate dia lain la. sayur2 pun lain.

here kebab they put tomato & timun mostly kan, sini shawarma bubuh sayur pe ntah..

Yang tak baper suka sgt after a few tries tapi nanti korang dtg sini bole try!

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