Friday, February 6, 2009

Save My Perak Darul Ridzuan

i cried hard tonight.

i saw a very disturbing video clip.
it lasted approximately 9 minutes.

no, it is not about what happened in palestine.

that was a real war zone.

the clip i saw was about what had ensued in front of the sacred ubudiah mosque in kuala kangsar.

no, it is not about desperate palestinian men and women seeking peace and freedom from extreme oppression, violence and total disregard for humanity.

that was a real suffering.

the clip i saw was about men and women obsessed in finding a reason to be a pejuang, with total disregard for the existing peace and harmony of the country.

no, it is not about little palestinian children looking peacefully asleep but soaked in innocent blood, never to wake up again.

that was a real tragedy.

the clip i saw was about a child in white and green sampin baju sekolah agama with no business being there, being carried away from tear-eye gas.

no, it is not about people crying, running away from bombs and flying bullets, protecting their women and children.

that was a real sacrifice.

the clip i saw was about people shouting, running towards water-pump truck and tear-eye gas.

the video clip i watched tonight,

was not - no, it is not about real war.
it was about a trivial battle that could have been avoided.

tonight i cry.
to see what it has come to.
seeing how low we have gone to fight this war, when there is a situation much worse.

moga Allah lindungi Perak Darul Ridzuan.

p/s: thanks niraku for providing me the posted pict.


Liyana Noor Azmi said...

kak syigim, yana pun sedih jugak. this whole never-ending political drama. the idiot karpal dah berani nak sue Sultan...dah x ada respect towards Pemerintah is heartbroken..

anyway, bila nka jadi my fan in my funkoolicious club?...x jadi follower i pun dlm blog...spopt lah i.. ate kite kan sesame daghoh perghookk...

Syigim said...

yes, i agree yana...ape lagi yg kita ade if titah sultan pun kita dah taknak respect?

nways, kak syigim dah jadi fan pun! :P hihi....n da antar email promo to A LOT A LOT A LOT of peeps! kena kasi komisyen ni! hihi..

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