Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shall i Shutdown?

there's flikr, photobucket, fotopages and many more. i have a fotopage. and i've had it for 5 years to date. give and take 5 years since i started this fotopages.

my first entry

it first started as a way to communicate while i was in melbourne last time.

i'd also like to think it feeds my hunger for narcissistic photography.

i'd like to think it also pictured my complete love affair with a perfect stranger met at dave's deli, a friend, then my boyfriend, after that my fiance and now husband. this is because the fotopages started only a week after we met, and now we already have 2 kids and living in dubai.

after i had khaleef, the fotopages turned topsy turvy with him 'taking over' as a 'moderator' writing on my behalf - rantings of a 3 year old. and when kahfi came, they 'fought' over who gets to 'dominate' the fotopage - i had fun with that style of writing!

..but i also realize that i've been menganak-tirikan this site, despite being one of the pioneer windows of the web to my world. i wasn't so up-to-date in updating pictures in it, and the writing has been sloppy and lack effort.

..because the writings have gone to this blog, and photos have gone to facebook.

right now i'm addicted to facebook - which not only serves to renew old ties and keep current ones - i can keep track on my friends, i can send messages, type silly nothings on their 'walls', give individual comments to individual pictures, get updated on what other people so to whom and when and from which photograph - and do what a fotopage can do - share my pictures with the world.

apart from that, i have a new obsession - my blog. i not only share photos here but most importantly share stories and thoughts, especially being so far away from people i love and care.

not being able to keep up with all the uploading and updating so many sites, i am thinking of...

shutting down this fotopage.

what say you?

>please leave a comment to support this move or to give me reason not to!<

if you want to find out what's up with that girl from ipoh, just
  • add me as a friend in facebook or
  • knock on my blog door

i'll always be around!


Yong said...

my opinion, it's okay to close fotopages. honestly, it has been a while since i visited your fotopages. now i only look at your blog & facebook (daily routine). and these sites are more than enough to know 'bout your happenings in dubai. so go ahead. kami sokong 100%. :)

liyana azmi said...

me too kak your Yong said. SHUTTIT! B4 you do that, make sure your boys have their own good fair!

Mohd Abdillah said...

Fotopages is like those old scrapbooks that ppl made when they were 10 years old and kept in a box under your bed.

So sometime when you clean the room, once in a while u might want to take a look at those scrapbooks again for a nice lil laugh, a good chuckle, or maybe even a ROTFL looking at those stuff, because that's what makes you, you. That's part of your life, right there in your hands, the scrapbook.

just my 2 dinars.

neeza said...

Ckp je la ko berpindah.. tak payah tutup.. like mine.. :-)

Syigim said...

yong and liyana, i know ppl have not been visiting my fotopage! isk! isk! rasa mcm ghost town je! hihi..thanks anyway for your thoughts. cute yg liyana suh budak2 tu say g'bye :)

dolah, so nice to see you dropping by! it's been too long! i love what you wrote about 'scrapbooks' - really befitting for me yg collect *junks*! hihi..

anneeza, aku dah letak link blog ni kat fotopage tu...kira ok la utk peminat setia ku mencari..hahahahahahaha..

Anonymous said...

teh yg dua- ms and fb pun dah mcm malas gile.

blog?? fotopages???


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