Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Birthday Party @ Marrybrown

who doesnt like birthday parties?
cakes and balloons.
presents and happy toons.
games and such.
food and fruit punch!

on saturday we joined little alya with proud parents aida and afza in celebrating her 5th birthday held at our local fast food chain in dubai, marrybrown. afza is mr khairul's mckk classmate. aida said she wanted to be 'politically correct' and not take chances in doing the birthday at burger king or mcdonalds - if you get what i mean...

thanks for having us!

a specially decorated room was prepared for the occasion. we could see balloons and 'happy birthday nor alya' pasted at a wall at the back end of the room, visible the moment one enters the room. that was also the corner where the dancing, magic show and games would take place.

we arrived quite timely; some were already getting comfortable at their seats, kids kicking balloons and many more started arriving soon after. khaleef had a fantastic time err..just kicking balloons. alya was pretty in white - complete with white leggings and white shoes plus a girly hairband that looks like a garland of flowers. birthday girl celebrates in style!

body paint
kids, come get your fake tattoos! i asked for ben10 but too bad the guy was not so sure about the specifics of an amnitrix. oh, well. finally khaleef got himself a spiderman on his arm. wicked.

the more the merrier. more kids means more fun and laughter. khaleef did not seem to have trouble following instructions during the game, but the game master failed in keeping his attention. in a minute or so through the game, khaleef can be seen kicking up balloons again!

there was the mandatory musical chair - ever wonder who invented this game? - chairs were first arranged in a circle but khaleef thought it would be more fun standing in the middle of the chairs!

late last year we did go for a marry brown birthday party for 'abang' rahul, 7 year old son of khairul's staff, radha. he's one of the more polite and thoughtful boy i've known. oh and he adores khaleef! he lets khaleef do his thang - kick him, punch him, golek-golek with him - he doesn't mind playing big brother to khaleef.

during that party, khaleef did win in a game. the game master give 'tasks' for kids to do: "get one dirham!" or "bring a black shoe!" and khaleef won the round when the task was "bring your mother!" because i was just sitting really really close to the game area.

ok, well - we cheated - he didn't actually bring me - i went! rather hurriedly!

magic show
after the games, another pinoy guy went up to showcase his talent in magic. ooo. the kids laughed so earnestly, you'd remember how easy it is to amuse these group of young audience. make faces, do voices, throw in a simple trick - and you got a good crowd cheering. ok, i laughed too. a bit. ok a lot. ok, fine! i enjoyed it too! it's been too long since i watch david copperfield, ok!

special appearance
then the squirrel came. oh, wait was it a bear? - well, the marrybrown mascott. then they do the official dance-off. kids go wild! then it was time to eat - buffet style.

birthdays in the family
i remember being the event-coordinator for ANY birthday celebration in my family. buy presents, buy cakes. i say 'celebration' and not 'party' because we hardly have parties - with lots of food and and a big crowd - it's always just us - mak, us five, and abah would join when he comes home from work.

my best memory of an actual birthday party was for my 16th - when i had it at mcdonald's with yummy burgers, shakes and great friends! to me, bukan senang to have birthday parties at mcdonald's ok, so it was a big deal when mak gave me provisions for one! yay!

my birthday
another great birthday celebration was for my 25th birthday which was combined with father's day. we asked my aunt, cik to make her delicious char kuey teow and we had a little bbq goin on on the side. i made my juicy coleslaw and i think i bought my own cake! - my favorite secret recipe cake - banana choc.

it was such a simple do, but all of 5 of us were there and we had fun doing it outdoor on a quiet evening. i remember earlier that day, climbing up to paste the balloons and strings of color paper for the very very simple decor, just to have that birthday party feel because, seriously - we don't usually do this - at all!

all of us wore our best pajamas (dress code! hihi) and hang out til the wee hours of the night. just us girls and the big guy.

i'm having my birthday here in dubai this year. boo hoo hoo.


sofia said...

well, there is someone who doesn't like fun. uncle knitknots. in the story imagonasoin movers. does khaleef watch that cartoon?

Syzrn Syda said...

hello. not all 5 of us were there at your 25th. i was not.

Syigim said...

sofia, no idea. never heard of uncle knitknots. which channel?

ops, sorry syida! really thought all of us were there..... :( but ur in our hearts cewah! ;)

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