Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Months After Kahfi's Birth Day

yesterday kahfi turns 2 months old.
he's now big and chubby and gwubby and wubby dubby fuffy wuffy.

(sorry, can't help the baby talk)

we brought him for his shots @ safa clinic.
he now weighs 5.6kg and measured at 56cm!

  1. go to dubai hospital to make a health card for kahfi - did this last month
  2. dubai hosp refer us to safa clinic, nearest to dubai marina
  3. registration - open file for kahfi
  4. nurse fill in file
  5. weighing kahfi
  6. measuring kahfi
  7. nurse did reflex test : how kahfi grabs with hands, how he moves, reponses and reflexes
  8. time for his shot!
  9. kahfi's shot is FOC :)

just like his brother, kahfi cried very hard, but very quick. after the initial prick he did scream - and was quiet soon after. macam takde ape-ape! strong boy!

urat dawai tulang besi!

what was abang khaleef doing during the big commotion? making himself at home watching cartoon network at the clinic lobby.

go go kahfi!
these are kahfi's achievement by his 62nd day:
  • responds to his name by moving his head towards the sound
  • follows moving object with his eye
  • smile consistently after each feeding - yes, almost always that it kinda creeps me out when it's in the middle of the night! hihi
  • most adorable audible cooing can be heard he's dry, well-fed and had enough sleep or after bath-time
  • been able to lift up his head when placed on his front
  • once, was already able to roll back to position after being place on his front - but that's probably coincidence coz it's only that one time!
  • able to say 'gleeba' and do the freestyle swimming. ok i made that up.
good luck in your 3rd month, kahfi.
bapak, mak and abang are proud of you!


Arin said...

cepat kan dah 2 months..tak lama lagik dah jadik anak bujang..

Syigim said...

a ah......dia dah stat senyum2 sengih2...kang dah lama kang dah stat nk berckp...then crawling, standing, walking.... ;)

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