Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lullaby at Bath Time

do you have a special lullaby for your kids?
you should!

ba ba black sheep?
twinkle-twinkle little star?
enjit-enjit semut?
air pasang pagi?
*baby got back?

the choice is endless. kita orang melayu memang kaya with classic songs for kids. on top of that, we have the songs in english to choose from. to my non-malay friends, share with us the songs in your mother tongue, will you?

want to relive the classic kids' songs? click here. i had fun scrolling through a list of cute little malay tunes our moms sang for us when were younger. man, i had a laugh singing the ones i know too. it was a blast!

go ahead, sing! i know you want to...

i don't sing to my boys come sleeping time. i usually sing to them when i bathe them and when i clothe them after that! crooning happily while slapping their cute tiny tushy with baby powder and rubbing ointment on their round little tummies.

my favorite song to them while bathing is 'buih sabun' - even mr khairul got sick of that song! while khaleef has outgrown the song, kahfi still has to endure this song for another year or so...

do you know it?

saya suka main buih sabun
gelembung bulat cantik berkilat
bila di tiup angin melayang
terbang tinggi sampai ke awan

sabun campur air kocak kocak
jadi buih
ambil buih celup
tiup buih terbang sayup......

(added 19/4/2011 - click here to listen to the song. thanks to k.e.r.i)

since khaleef is old enough to bathe himself, he would be in the bathroom alone, main air. i would do stuff outside, keeping close eye on him once in awhile.

from inside the bathroom he would occasionally shout - "mak! ABC!" which means he wants me to sing with him the ABC song. sometimes it's, "mak! fish!" which means i have to do a duet of the little mermaid song 'part of your world' with him. if it's not that, it's tigger and pooh or it's miska muska mickey mouse cluhhouse song.

hey, i'm not complaining. anyone can tell you that syigim loves to sing. absolutely love singing. so i'd happily oblige and sang at the top of my lung for him to listen to or sing along from the comfort of his bath tub.

"mak.........nyanyi lagu chris brown pulak, boleh?"


neeza said...

i'll sing barney.. hehhehe.. kahfi's grown up la.. very macho.. :-)

Arin said...

ader x pernah permintaan "mak..nyanyi anuar zain..?"

Yong said...

kahfi dah besarr!! hehehee....

Syigim said...

anneeza, barneynye closing song tu cute jugak..

kak arin, betul la! lagu anuar zain pun ade nyanyi skali.. ;)

tu la yong, blom 2 bulan lagi dah camtu...nak lawan debab nuna kot huhuhu...

diyana anwar said...

kak syigim created d song buih buih tu sniri ke?

ye ye
teh duk sane pun dh pndai nyanyi lgu kanak kanak nih
btw.. rindu plak lagu yf

swim swim fishy fishy swim swim fish
fish! from uptoten

p/s: gmba khaleef censored ;p

Syigim said...

bukan kak syigim create...tu mmg lagu lama. cute tau lagu tu. :)

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