Sunday, February 8, 2009

Musings of a Vampire

yup. still a lot to unpack. a lot to kobek-kobek. and i found this.

in the mood for something scary?

i wrote this piece when i was 16. i think that was the time when i'd just seen anne rice's book-to-movie 'interview with the vampire' starring the three of the most gorgeous guys in hollywood screen. i bet johnny depp and anuar zain would be as yummy as a vampire. ok, maybe not anuar zain. that would be too creepy already.

the sexiest vampires ever - brad pitt, tom cruise and antonio banderas in 'the interview with the vampire'

musings of a bat
by syigim

in the middle of the night, soars a creature it is i,
crouching in the shadow where evil and darkness lie,
the deafening silence is the most awaited time,
for that's when i strike like a lion in its prime.

i dance on graves just to keep the night moving,
digging up bones and chew 'em when it's boring,
the night is my soul, the stillness my song,
the moon keeps me company til dawn creeps along.

when the sun's wide awake, steals the night for a day,
i snuggle under my wings, into a coffin i must lay,
so serene and beautiful i dreamt of past memories,
when i was a living, breathing being with friends and families.

i want to escape from this strangling immortality,
this endless life for which i was cursed eternally,
i need someone to replace my throne,
only then can i have mortal mind, skin, flesh and bones.

so keep your eyes open and fear the bat in flight,
for no one knows when or where i might,
in deep desperation no mercy will i show,
watch out, watch out - you might not see tomorrow...

wait, what's that behind you...?


faridah said...

Vampire?uggh it's scared for me!,Please comment back at

diyana anwar said...

teh rase waktu teh umur 40 tahun esok teh tak reti tulis poem mcm tu..
terror na hang

kat blkg teh ade kerusi..
kuang kuang kuang :p

Syigim said...

teh, never say never. blom cuba blom tau ok? ;)

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