Saturday, February 28, 2009

Haiqal Turns 7

happy birthday, haiqal!

who is haiqal?
  • my nephew
  • my eldest sister's eldest son
  • my abah's first grandson
  • he's the only one whom my mak took care of when yong went to work - very, very manja with my mak!

and now he's a young man at 7! all grown up and off to standard 1, learning taekwando, was chosen for a reading performance of a rather difficult piece in the english language and winning an award for best behaviour, an anugerah sahsiah terbaik or something.

have the funnest birthday celebration, haiqal. khaleef and kahfi tak sabar nak jumpa dengan abang!

for a wacky birthday present, just enjoy these shots, taken somewhere in 2007, when we lepak at abah's house in ipoh for a fun weekend.

* * *

on another note, i received a rather chatty visitor today. all the way from malaysia, she came to doha initially to visit a relative. then she flew here to jalan-jalan, and going to oman next for more jalan-jalan! i call her kak yong mislia and she is yong's sister in law. a fun person with endless stories to share, she brought me packets of keropok ikan. yum!

she talked about her many 'adventures' in her many trips to numerous places. she's really a resourceful traveller - independent and ready to walk a mile to gain fresh experience and meet new people. she also doesn't mind spending the extra money in return for a priceless journey to another country.

she said she's already 'in love' with dubai marina, saying that it's definitely the 'new york of middle east'. she even called yong just to shout, "syimee!!! dubai marina cantiknyaaaa!!!" she said she really enjoyed 'the walk', and vowed that on her next trip to dubai marina, she would wear her sneakers instead, and really 'walk' from one end to the other.

that's a real traveller!

kak yong mislia pictured here with haiqal's youngest sister, the chubby wubby husna born a few months before kahfi

thank you for the keropok and your fun, warm presence. kalau singgah dubai lagi do visit us again! i know you will definitely come back to dubai marina, right?

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Yong (Mama Haiqal) said...

Cute entry on haiqal...very sweet indeed...tak sangka time flies so fast...from the time mak jaga dia and now a big boy. Masih terngiang kalau dia nangis mesti mak sure akan back up..."sapa buat diaa.." alhamdulillah haiqal turns out to be a responsible person, very independent, friendly...and smart too... character mama + ayah + all the mak sedara... :)

i'm sure gonna ask k yong to read your entry...sure dia excited and proud of it.. thanks again for the hospitality ... :)

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