Sunday, February 22, 2009

Party of Five

look closely at the picture below.
these are my sisters.
no prize for guessing who is the clown in the family.
..and proud of it!

i miss my sisters.

i really cried reading syida's latest posting in her blog. everyone was there except me! (sheesh, how selfish can i get, huh?) i have every right to be anyway - right now i just want to see my sisters.

me being the only one away from home, syida mentioned in her blog:

"Lately actually my blog is like a letter to Yang. Cause the stories I'm telling is actually stories for her."

well, i want to write letters to all of you too.
this page is for you, then.

nah. ni untuk korang tau.

this is yong and me on hari raya 2007
dear yong,

so wonderful to see haiqal wearing an actual school uniform. big boy already! i am missing a lot! don't be too busy on me - i'm still adjusting having 2 boys now, just like you do. how DID you do it?

eh, baju kebaya batik kami tu dah siap ke?

oh, be careful yong - you're looking more and more like a typical cikgu sekolah! controlled smile and a speech that is too proper - oh, wait - weren't you always like that? hihi. when i come home i'll make nasi minyak and you'll whip some ayam masak merah and puding caramel okay?

yong is the eldest in the family. sweet, demure, feminine, soft spoken - nothing like me! hihi. a purdue graduate, married to high skool sweetheart, future yb husin - blessed with terrible twos haiqal and haqeem and the chubby wubby husna.

* * *

syima and me in auckland, 2004
dear syima,

hows your masters going? and the pregnancy? muntah teruk macam dulu ke? still craving chicken chop?

cuya is looking more and more like you! i can say she's the exact duplicate of you when you were small. she was already very shy and susah nak kat orang when i left - looking at her pictures with abang haiqal and haqeem she seemed to be adjusting well as she grows. i hope when she meets us she would still remember her auntie gim and abang khaleef.

syima was born 2 years after me. her nick in the family is ngah - as in tengah - being the middle child. the mad scientist and brainiac of the family - a microbio major. though it's a safe bet that it is azi and i am the ones vying for the 'mad' title. married to fellow lab-rat din - blessed with a bunny wabbit daughter sufya and another one coming.

* * *

syida and me in klia, minutes before she left for melbourne
dear syida,

so hate to have to pack already, huh? i'm so psyched up to be back this july but it's pretty sucky since you're not gonna be there. jangan rajin sangat kat melbourne - keep logging on ok! hihi. ape punya nasihat. will miss all our crazy chats!

ish geramnye tengok gamba syida pakai baju puteri gunung ledang! i want one! of all the malay theaters that i've seen - i had to miss this one - dang it! nways, go - go see 'wicked' - it's a really good experience watching theaters in a foreign country - it'll be worth every dollar.

oh, and i won't forget to bring home your roald dahl. see, i remember!

syida is the fourth one. she writes, she draws, she digs theaters and she reads stephen king and roald dahl - i'd say we both share the most common traits and likes. currently seeing nash - baik jugak budaknya. be good! will fly back to melbourne for new term of her masters in international finance.

* * *

me and azi @ great ocean road, aussie in 2004
dear azi,

rindunya nak chat dengan azi. been so busy with exams, huh?

hows the driving?
dah confident drive from tmn tun to upm? i will always miss my last few weeks in malaysia before going to dubai - sleepovers at trellises, gossip about syida, driving all the way to upm with kfc untuk azi and mengharung crowd in bazaar ramadhan ttdi.

tunggu Yang balik july ni okay? kita jalan-jalan naik kelisa lagi!

azi is my youngest sister. crazy, wacky, zany - have i left out anything that doesn't have the same meaning as gila-gila? when she laughs at something, do not try to hold back on not laughing along. it's loud and infectious - with no known vaccine against it! currently happily struggling with comp science in upm. dating college-mate, din yang macam penyanyi nasyid tu. be good! no, i'm talking to you, azi! not din. hihi.

* * *

so there.

hey, tunggu kami balik okay.
kita masak-masak best-best untuk abah, makan kat golf club, pegi jusco, pegi megoplex cari tudung and redah rumah auntyna, cik, mak keh and kedai tokcik.

oh ya, kirim salam pada umi.

tak sabar nak balik!
can't wait!

love always,


Arin said...

sure tgh home sick gila ek?sabar..july tuh kejap je sampai..take care!

Yong said...

miss u a lot!...cepat2 ler balik sini...your baju dah siap semua...still with the tailor..kamu balik msia nanti ambiklah...okay tak?... hopefully muat lagi... hehhehe :)

Syigim said...

actually tak saba nk makan, kak arin...hihihihi...satay, nasi lemak, pengat durian... ;)

yong!!! mesti la muat! :P

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