Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

in facebook there's this *note* that has been going around.

the rule is, once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you.

* i have to confess though, that i just found out what 'tagging a person' means. when you write a list, or answer a series of questions such as this, and you 'tag' someone, it just means that that person has to write the same kind of list or answer the same series of questions.

i was tagged by my good friend i knew in melbourne, azril shah so now i'm doing my very own list. i was supposed to do this through facebook, but i think it'd be great to post it in my blog instead. i hope the peeps i tagged later would be reading this!

* * *

1) i am a collector. books, tissues, theater booklet, drink stirrer, postcards, lanyard, bookmarks - it seems endless, huh?

2) i did school play almost every year of my secondary school life. written and directed by yours truly. often enough, playing the villain!
  • form 1 - sindebola - a spoof on cinderella
  • form 2 - ferris bueller and the black lady - a spin from beauty and the beast
  • form 3 - abang 94 - first school play done in BM
  • form 4 - honeymoon year so they say so there were more performances. twelfth night - simplified version of shakespeare's and acapella performance singing shades' 'malam' and ben e king's 'stand by me'
  • form 5 - SPM - rest!

3) one day, i want to own and run a kids' development center for literature nuts or a drama workshop for kids.

4) i like to leave big fat raindrops falling on my windshield while waiting for the green light til its blury, and then watch the windshield wiper crystalize the glass with one swipe til the vision is clear once more.

5) i don't like coffee. anything coffee.

6) i color coordinate my clothes while hanging them in the wardrobe, as well as when hanging them to dry (that is why i don't let mr khairul help me with the laundry - he'll mess up my system!)

7) movies i can watch countless times, again and again, never get bored with
  • shakespeare in love
  • MiB
  • the sound of music
  • any disney animation
  • back to the future trilogy
  • sense and sensibility
  • the rock

8) i am a member of just10 - a group of ten girls who had been close friends since 1992, til death do us part.

9) i put the eggs in the fridge following the same arrangement as they were in the carton that they came in...because i might unknowingly separate a friend or relative.

10) i have 2 sons, khaleef and kahfi. i have 2 nephews, haiqal and haqeem. i have 2 nieces, sufya and husna.

11) i was a tomboy in high school. crew cut, baseball cap, big t's and gedoboh pants - the works.

12) i put biscuits or crackers in my bread spread with jam or nutella. i also put potato chips in my sandwich.

13) i was so irresistable that it took him only 25 days after knowing me, to propose. i said yes. duuh.

14) books i can read more than once:
  • stephen king's 'it'
  • terry pratchett's 'the truth'
  • christopher pike's 'the tachyon web'
  • william peter blatty's 'the exorcist'
  • jefrey archer and roald dahl's short stories

15) i am afraid of cockroaches. especially flying ones. no, blind ones.

16) i once joined rtm's wirawan seni remaja singing competition with fellow acapella nuts irda, putri and zainora in 1995.

17) i enjoy a company while i cook in the kitchen but i do not like to cook with them. i cook alone. you can come and chat but please, you do not need to help, especially verbally.

18) i have a crush on nazruddin habibur rahman.

19) i was the ONLY one in my family who did not own a westlife album. not a fan. ALL of my four sisters AND my mom bought their own individual album, so we had 5 westlife album lying around the house. kaya westlife!

20) on a clear night i always look out for my favorite constellation - the orion's belt which consists of 3 very visible stars in a row.

21) sometimes i do not even need to watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s, i could just have it in the background as i do my work.

22) from the moment i started noticing boys, i did not want to end up with a guy who is very tall, who smokes, who is an active sportsman and from a boarding school. ha ha! definitely no regrets but never say never! memang dah jodoh!

23) i get dizzy reading on a moving vehicle.

24) i don't eat taugeh but i would like it mingling with my char kuey teow despite abah's constant suggestion to ask one without taugeh. i would then painstakingly (but lovingly) pick one by one until all the taugeh is gone from my plate before finally eating the kuey teow, which, by then would be not too hot to be consumed.

25) i've been on the front page of a leading malay newspaper with dr. mahathir, former prime minister of malaysia.

* * *

some of you might say:

"she's nuts!"


"hey, me too!"

don't judge me, okay!
explore your idiosyncracies.
embrace it!
it's uniquely you!

i'm tagging these 25 lucky souls in facebook to do the same list!

  1. azi
  2. syida
  3. syima
  4. syimee
  5. rini
  6. yaya
  7. auntyna
  8. cik
  9. put
  10. irda
  11. eric
  12. teh
  13. niraku
  14. izwan
  15. shah
  16. arin
  17. liyana
  18. mohana
  19. dora
  20. jo
  21. jennifer
  22. haida
  23. anneeza
  24. syu
  25. (save the best for last) mr khairul
go ahead.
knock yourself out!


Anonymous said...

12th night.... I remember that cruel and unusual punishment you put me through. Just kidding... You know I loved it... not :P


Syigim said...

thanks for giving shakespeare a try. ;)

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