Monday, February 23, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To...

so brad and angie didn't win.

would be an awesome thing if they did, huh? historical oscar moment. imagine these married couple - equally super gorgeous and sexy - and on top of that extremely talented actors as well.

what a combo!

i love academy awards
mr khairul and i had different preference when it comes to awards show. he digs music awards - american music awards, mtv awards - the boogying, bling-blings and the honeys. i enjoy movie awards more - so i was more excited about the academy awards than he is.

like syida mentioned in her blog, mak was always the one who would be the first to find out about good movies that's out. watching the academy awards with her, she would talked about the movies, who's in it, what's it about - from what she read or saw on tv. we would make predictions. we would trash the fashions of the celebrities. we would laugh at the gimics and jokes.

between me and mr. khairul, i now play the part in telling him about this movie and that movie and who's in it and what's it about, who won, and who should've! just like mak did.

am glad too!

my take
i don't need to tell you who won what from which movie, right? you's already knew that, or you can always google that yourself.

the host
i was like - what the..? hugh jackman?

it's not totally outrageous that they pick him - but wasn't oscar previously hosted by comedians (billy crystal, whoppi goldberg, ellen degeneres) but watching the suave aussie, you'd be wondering about those wasted years when they should've pick a sexy actor over a funny comedian any day.

and he was wonderful as a host - good singing, great entertainment and daymn, what a body...err...i mean smile. what a smile (snicker!). loveable to the end, he charmed me right from the beginning when he sang himself silly with the cheesy high-skool-concert-like opening number about all the nominated movies. man, he can sing! and dance! bravo! hope to see you again next year, hugh jackman!

the stage
some say oscar this year has a more 'intimate' stage. the first thing i said when i saw the stage was "keciknya!" and this was made obvious as the indian dancers pranced around for the theme score for slumdog millionaire. memang kecik!

intimate may be, but at some point especially during the introduction of the nominees for best actors and the best in supporting roles by 5 past winners - the stage was so close to where the rest were sitting that some intro seemed intimate, close at heart and honest, while others only came across as fake, pretentious and awkward. i'm especially talking about the intro for kate winslet. yes, i think she spoke so annoyingly slow it's like dragging words out of her that she didn't mean.

mr. khairul said, 'cost cutting measures'. i say, again, keciknya!

the intro of nominees
speaking of the introduction of nominees by the previous winners - i actually love the idea! it was so regal in the way they raised up the five curtains and 5 past-queens and kings of great acting stepped forward to introduce the nominees.

i don't know why the actresses sounded less sincere in their appraisal - you know how bitchy hollywood can get - but the actors spoke of their counterparts with more honesty and buddy-like, especially when robert de niro spoke of sean penn, and anthony hopkins on brad pitt.

favourite oscar moments
  • ben stiller's hillarious impersonation of joaquin phoenix's bizarre appearance in the late show with david letterman - "i just want to retire from being a funny man.." in a deadpan voice and he proceeded to walk slowly around the podium as his co-presenter natalie portman continue to speak.
  • hugh jackman pulling anne hathaway up the stage to sing with him in a 'planned-impromptu' act during the opening number - she's got a great musical-stage-play voice!
  • the adorable jack black constantly mentioning kungfu panda, when co-presenting with jennifer aniston - who i'm sure trying very hard to not look directly at the right side of the audience where brad and angie were sitting...
  • sarah jessica parker and daniel craig, "we don't have to tell you what make-up does, just look at us."
  • kate winslet, when accepting the oscar for best actress for 'the reader' dedicated her award to her 'mum and dad' - "dad, who is somewhere in this hall, dad, whistle or something!" and then a loud sharp whistle was heard - and there he was, the proud dad, waving enthusiastically. it was so sweet!
  • "good writing never dies." - "the person who said that, is dead." or something like that, i can't remember the exact words. ha ha.

so there, my take on the oscars. unlike syida, i haven't seen any of the nominated movies! well, i did see half of batman - and i find it boring! maybe i've always told myself that michael keaton is the best batman ever. i can't even get to the part with heath ledger. was he really that oscar-worthy? how did the other nominees feel i wonder, "i didn't get the freakin oscar, and they wasted it on a dead guy?!"

nways, syida you'd better start crackin on those cds and send me some academy award-nominee-movies! pronto!

enjoy this bit. cracks me up everytime.

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