Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post a Card

now let's see.

i've *amazed* you with my tissue collection in my post 'tissues not for the sniffles'. and i've *mesmerized* you with my theater booklet collection in my later post, 'theater termites'. i ain't done yet. oh, and yes, syigim memang takde keja lain.

presenting another collection of 'junk from the past' - my postcards collection. almost a thousand of 'em.

i keep my postcards in a shoebox

postcards i keep
  • mostly the ones i got for free - from 'free postcards' rack outside cafes, restaurants and even the cinema
  • the ones i bought while i'm travelling - i made it a point to get at least 2 or 3 - a pict of the place's most famous landmark
  • the ones i received from friends and family through postage
  • the ones i received as a souvenir from friends and family

hey, a lot of people collect postcards. especially when they're free, cheap and easy to store. furthermore it's the best, easiest way to get a picture of a travel destination, with a lil bit of info on the back. as a bonus, you can even send it to someone! or be at the other end!

i mean, really! do you know that instead of switching on your notebook, goin online, logging on to your email account, type a message and THEN click send - you can ALSO send a message by actually grabbing a pen and a postcard, write your message, paste a stamp on the right upper side and THEN put it in the nearest post box? neat, huh?

we're so hooked up on the net now that we forget the little charm of receiving a solid crisp of paper in your hand and being able to keep it under your pillow and read it anytime you want, even when there's a blackout? (unless you don't have a candle. or a torchlight.)

fav types of postcards i keep
  • the ones tied-in with popular tv/movie - my favs include the x-files, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, star wars and the exorcist
  • the ones depicting interesting places i've been to - my favs include central park, universal studios and sea world
  • the ones tied-in with theater show i've been to - shakespeare's merchant of venice and usman awang's uda dan dara
  • the ones of my fav fast food joint - McD!
  • the ones with dr m and a whole lot of other interesting covers of TIME mag
  • the ones with cute shapes - round and long rectangular
  • the ones with patriotic theme - msian flag or orang utan hihi

also not forgetting the ones with crazy sexy cool caption or a creative social message like this sarcastic one on 'how to make your own ecstacy.'

of course there are the priceless ones that i got from friends and family. especially coming all the way from a place beyond mountains and sea, with a foreign stamp on it. most precious in my keeping is one from my abah when he just arrived in san francisco, dated 1983! others are the ones i received from yong during her purdue days because her postcards always had these cute stamps on them.

*image removed*
classic 1983 postcard from abah and few from yong while studying in usa

saving the best for last, these postcards have a different value to me - inscribed upon the postcards are not messages from friends nor family - but from my idols!

  • dr. mahathir mohamad - remember when i wrote about meeting dr. m during one of the umno general assembly in pwtc that got me on the front page of utusan? that was when i got his signature. total coolness.
  • afdlin shauki - i can't remember whether i met him when he was doing his gig with or when he was in actorlympics but i know i met him at the now closed-after-big-flood actors' studio under dataran merdeka. he's do down-to-earth and funny up close too!
  • anuar zain - got this at bintang walk during his tour under some award show - i can't remember which one. he was such a darling!

anuar zain, afdlin shauki and most classy autograph of all from msia's best PM

so, can't you guys take a hint? send me one postcard-lah!


neeza said...

ko bawak sumer postcard n tissue g dubai ker?

Syigim said...

a ah. gile tak gile. ni perjanjian aku ngan hubby. aku nk bwk suma benda aku! hihi....collection aku mesti aku kena bawak merata. nanti nak top up collection senang!

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