Friday, January 16, 2009

What Khaleef and Kahfi Did

What Khaleef Did
  • sleeps late
  • watch disney channel - mickey mouse clubhouse, little einstein and tigger and pooh
  • breakfast - bread & jam or bread & butter
  • bathtime - "khaleef! don't throw the water!" he still floods the bathroom floor
  • playtime - football, hockey, baseball or main tembak-tembak. target includes little brother kahfi
  • dvd time - jack sparrow or in his own words, "jack perot"
  • lunchtime - auntie teh was patient enough to kejar-kejar khaleef while tirelessly feeding him rice
  • then a choice between an afternoon siesta, main bola lagi or disney channel
  • occasionally creeps up into my room to check up on kahfi -
  • if kahfi is awake, a kiss accompanied by "..muuuuaah!"
  • if kahfi is sleeping, he would make shhoshing gesture " sleep.." and leaves the room tip-toeing
  • if kahfi is screaming his lungs out, he would pat his tummy or arm and say "baby...takmo nangis.." or "shh...up to ten.." referring to the fact that if kahfi continues crying, it means noise, and when it's noisy he can't hear his uptoten songs!
What Kahfi Did
  • sleep
  • drink milk
  • sleep
  • drink milk
  • termenung
no, really
  • sleeps late and wakes up early
  • sleeps longer hours during the night which means woohoo! to me
  • has occasional 'dreams' where he smiles and jebik for no reason while sleeping
  • demands milk constantly during the day
  • has mastered the art of making noise when placed down on his crib, and silently lookin like an angel while being carried
  • i am already under this charming spell, but mr. khairul still refuses to be sucked into this cunning ploy

join us same time, same website, next month. watch this space!

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Arin said...

wah..sama je peel dua beradik nih ngn dua beradik kat umah kak arin nih..ishh..bila la si adik nak besar..leh join main ngn yg besar ek?

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