Friday, January 30, 2009

Sport Spot @ Mirdiff Park

what a great way to spend a weekend.

movies - cinema or dvds at home
malls, shop, malls, shopping
marketing @ spinneys, giant, carre four


  • healthy getaway - you sweat, you lose some pounds, breathe fresh air, you get acquainted with the morning sun and nature at its best
  • free of charge (if you exclude the tol, the petrol and croissant bought at nearby bakery because it's too late to have breakfast at home)

so earlier today mr khairul forced us out of bed in a cool, oh so cool morning to join him and other malaysians for a sporty sessions of volleyball, tennis or simply jog.

we went to mirdiff park.

this million-dirham park is really nice. nice here means clean with wide-open space and a lot of sections and stuff to do - wanna play sport? ada macam-macam court. wanna let your kids play? ada playground. wanna just sit? ada shading seating area. wanna jog? ada track. there are toilets available, clean and comfortable to use.

it has sport areas for football, basket-ball, volleyball and tennis. take your pick! i'll pass. not particularly sporty since forever! mr. khairul had fun reliving his zaman kegemilangan, while khaleef just glad to get out of the house, run around like crazy and screamed every time he had to run after the ball.

these courts are surrounded by jogging tracks.

when we went last year

the jogging track that surrounds the courts is 325 meter long with an indicator everytime you hit 50 meters. when we went there last year, i really enjoy the long walks i took along the jogging track - i was still carrying kahfi inside me - and believe that long walks would ease labor. guess so!

i'm not much into sport (not at all - i was just trying to be polite) but jogging, i'm up to it. i remember niraku wanted to fit into her kebaya by graduation day (seemed so long ago now that she's doing her phd already!) so she asked me to join her for a jogging session at padang polo, ipoh every weekend. i went but ended up jogging for awhile, and walking for the rest of the time. hey, i'm still burning fat, aren't i?

fuzzy fun time with dad

in an adjacent fenced field, there is a whole other area with wider greens and shaded sitting areas, where the kids playground is. this one also has a jogging track, supposedly for the ladies. there are palm trees and colourful flowers, a really calm, cozy place to hang out with the wife and kids. however the door that connects the two areas was locked, so we had to go all the way to the other side to enter the playground area.

the playground is really something. unique items for play, with sand all over the play area. like the kind on the beach. khaleef was bare-footed as the sand was too irresistable!

the items at the playground are not the typical ones you would see in any other playground. for one, there's the 'rock climbing' thingy - which khaleef was forced to try out. and instead of a normal see-saw, there was a yellow thingy that functions as a see-saw but doesn't quite look like one plank balanced on one rock in the middle.

in fact, the only familiar item was the swings. khaleef loved the swings. and any panjat-panjat thingys.

breathe in. hold. breathe out.

not bad.

mr khairul layan sports with the other malaysians.
khaleef played football.
kahfi was basking in the morning sun.
i was just happy my boys had a great day out.

why don't you take a time out and head to the nearest park this weekend?


Arin said...

baru nampak kahfi...hi kahfi!!

Syigim said...

tu laa...kak arin kata takde gamba kahfi, haaa...amik berlambak..! hihi..

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