Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1st Boo Boo

i accidentally pressed a button and it's gone!

no, i'm not making any drastic first-day-of-new-year change. and no, my blog is NOT going through any updating or re-construction. and yes, i don't know how to get my layout back! and you, yeah you stop snickering and brag about how easy it is - because when you don't know, you don't know! hey if you don't know how to bake an oreo cheesecake, can you just dump everything in the mixer and DO IT?

my youngest sister azi set this blog up for me in the first place and now i can't even get to her! azi, pick up the phone! pegi meeting kompang ke?

i love my layout. it's me. it has my character written all over it. you see bright yellow - yeah, i'm bubbly bright. you see too much stuff - yeah believe me, i DO have too much stuff - i 'collect', remember? and now it's gone! azi, help!

actually mr khairul has been my BIGGEST, most annoying critic (..and i still love you!) about how messy and girly my blog is. girly? i beg to differ - i dont even have a single rose petal and butterfly thingys!

anyway, for the time being - or at least until azi picks up her phone - enjoy my plain ol bland black blog.


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