Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Hero Time!

my just10 gal pal anneeza wrote about barney overdosed in her blog. it made me smile because mommies can't help being addicted or having forced to watch a particular cartoon over and over, day in day out - JUST because it's a fav of your little ones.

khaleef is no different.
  • just as soon as he was introduced to the magic box which emits moving colours and interesting sounds - he was into the weird lookin teletubbies (never quite like 'em)
  • he only paid attention to barney during singing - and even then he's picky!
  • when he went to the nursery it was ultraman - phew! thank you dubai for not importing any ultraman in your cable tv!
  • then it was transformers - which i approved off
  • a better choice comes with age - he began to watch mickey mouse clubhouse which really pleases me, since he immitates and learn proper english and responses
  • since his exposure to large amount of disney doses - he enjoys "pat, pat, pat" little einstein, higglytown heroes and my personal fav - phineas and ferb
little einstein is adorable - every show will have a classic composer featured like chopin or beethoven. four kids go on missions which requires them to travel on their cute spaceship, and during blastoff they ask the viewers to say "pat, pat, pat" which khaleef just love doing.

the characters in higglytown heroes has the most cutest accent - the best thing about this show is it features people in everyday job from zookeeper to garbage collector - and call them 'heroes', since these people help the kids in their daily problems. it's a good message to send out to kids, showing them that everyday people, some whom we hardly notice, are heroes in their own right.

phineas and ferb? is just so funny and cool, that i need another posting on them alone.

creative efforts of my sis syida

but it was not until a remarkable boy named Ben Tennyson came along that i got really addicted to what khaleef likes - yeap.

it was Ben10.

it was A LOT later that i realized why he was called ben10 - it was his name - duuh! ben TENnyson - ergo - ben10. geddit? i did. ok ok, took me awhile, but i did! also, because initially, ben could change into TEN different aliens. later on, i guess the popularity of the show made the writers add in more aliens.

i'm sure mommies with little boys know about ben. he's the boy who found a watch - the omnitrix - that enables him to change into aliens - and help fight bad guys. during summer holiday, he joins his grandpa max, with his cousin gwen, who is constantly annoyed by ben's cheekiness but provides ben the support and help when he needs it.

i think the awesomeness of the show lies on the fact that it feeds the fantasy of every boy - to be able to own a device so powerful that it can let you change into ANY aliens you want, anytime you want, whereever you want - each alien with uniquely different superpower.

khaleef as heatblast with cousins haiqal as four arms and haqeem as diamond head

  • diamond head - has a body harder than diamond making him invincible to physical attacks! also can use his body to reflect beam-based weapons like laser guns
  • four arms - ben10 picks this alien when he wants to beat, smash or throw someone! like its name, it's red in colour and has 4 arms - tall, big and strong enough to scare anyone!
  • heatblast - able to shoot fireballs from his hands and mouth, also able to put out fire as well as starting one!

..and many more interesting aliens from a very very small but highly intelligent one called grey matter to an alien which can roll around called cannonbolt. khaleef can immitate almost all the aliens -

"ni ape power dia?"

"mcm ni..mcm ni...hiyarkk..hiyarkk...."

"this one?"

"blaahhhhhh.....deshh deshhhhh...."



enough said.

nways, enjoy ben10's theme song - let's sing along!

It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers he's no ordinary kid
He's ben 10
( ben 10, ben 10)

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise
He'll turn into and alien before your very eyes
He's tiny creepy fast and strong he's every shape and size
He's ben 10
(ben 10, ben 10)

I'll bet he's got it he's on the case
Fighting evil from earth or space
He'll never stop till he saves the day
Now he's the baddest kid to ever save the day
He's ben 10

khaleef as ben10 while cousin sufya looks on, amused

just as how thundercat, carebears, smurfs and jem lives on deep in the little boys and girls in all of us, so will ben10 to khaleef's generation!

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