Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Make Tea by Khaleef

remember how addicted mr. khairul and i am to mandy rice?

last weekend mr khairul brought his mak and sis, teh to our favourite makan place; al-tawasol. you guessed it - we want to lure them to the dark side - mr. khairul played the 'pusher' - convincing them to succumb to the power of the mandy rice - and be addicted for eternity.

come...come... (cue evil laughter)

as expected, my mother in law and teh loved it! absolutely loved it. the soft-fleshed chicken, the juicy rice, the fresh salad and the sweet-spicy 'sambal' - it was all A+!

now, after a hefty meal of mandy rice, we can opt to sip some tea - iranian tea, according to mr. khairul. my abah also had them when he came here last time. now to show you how al-tawasol tea is supposed to be served - heeeeeerrrreeeeee's khaleef!

* okay, fine. the title of this posting was very misleading - khaleef did not exactly *make* the tea. ok, are we clear on that? yes? ok, proceed.

  1. wait for waiter to serve tea
  2. put a couple of tea spoon of sugar (pict 1)
  3. pluck out some mint leaves (pict 2)
  4. put into tea
  5. stir (pict 3)
  6. ready to be served

..serve to orang tua-tua first. serve to bapak.

..then to opah. careful not to spill!

and here's teh. this shot really describes how she feels about her eldest brother's kookiness. just perfect. haha.

khaleef was so good at mixing tea + mint leaf that this waiter offered him a job which he declined politely. to show good sport, we took his picture along. maybe next time!

haha. you are one of us now. forever addicted to mandy rice. now just don't go on day-dreaming about mandy once you guys are back in malaysia...

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