Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Abaya, Not Kebaya

i wore an abaya, for the first time since in dubai.

yes, it sounds like our malay kebaya, but it is actually orang kita panggil - jubah.

well, first time since anywhere actually. my abah and umi bought this abaya when they went here way before. so i've had it for quite some time yet i've never worn it - it's not the abaya. it's me - i couldn't carry an abaya. i just found it a little out of my character.

The abaya (Arabic عباية, plural abayat عبايات) is an overgarment worn by some women in parts of the Islamic world. It is the traditional form of hijab, or Islamic dress, for many countries of the Arabian peninsula such as the United Arab Emirates, where it is the national dress. ~wikipedia

traditionally, an abaya is black, with intricate designs on the sleeves and up the front or at the bottom - beads, embroidery or diamonds glittery thingy. but azi kept pestering me to get a colored one because her best friend had gotten one that looks really nice. i'm still on the lookout!

so mine is a black number - and i wore it because it's fun to dress up like the people in the country we're staying in (man, what if mr. khairul got transfered to a zulu tribal area? tiger skin and coconut shells? sheesh!) plus, teh was also wearing it too - so ade geng! i wore a long red skirt underneath, matches the little red flowers on my abaya.

we went to ikea that day and i actually had fun wearing the abaya, strutting my stuff around the makeshift rooms and kitchens.

  • it's black - a flattering color
  • matches any tudung, handbags or shoes
  • it's flowy - covering the muffin tops and lumps of fat buldging in unnecessary places
  • mine is cut at the front - giving it a certain regal feel whenever i walk and the sides flap open ever so gracefully
  • wearing an abaya at least lowers the possibility of people mistaking us as pinoys!
now i'm all for getting more abayat!


neeza said...

wei,aku pun suka abaya.. remember kawin hani aku pakai.. nnt kalo ko nk blk sini do let me know.. nak pesan abaya dr dubai.. :-)

Syigim said...

yup...ingat!...psl lawa abaya tu...hehe.. ok sure...insyaAllah around july kot aku balik so bole belikan..

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