Thursday, May 14, 2009

Face Your Manga

what's life without some fun, or a lot of it!

click here and go nuts 'drawing' your own manga!

for the uninitiated, manga is the japanese word for comics. however the term has become a popular use to refer to graphic novels as well that were published in japan. i've seen a shakespeare manga once and it's so cool but very expensive. so i had to be content in just browsing the pages at the bookstore... if the pages are stuck together, i was probably drooling as well...

nways, here's what i came up with - my cozy mozy family, manga style!

* * *

tomorrow there's a 'malaysian food bazaar' at the consul general's official residence in al barsha. 4pm to 6pm - 2 hours of fun-filled, malaysian food fest. isteri-isteri perwakilan are playing makcik-makcik gerai this time around, selling yummies from nasi kerabu to seri muka and homemade bread from fellow blogger fida!

nak join jual tapi tak reti nak masak masakan melayu yang sedap-sedap! *sengih*

so come and fill your tummies with wholesome yummies. this would be my first time going to our very own 'pasar malam' in dubai so i'm pretty excited. i'm strictly looking for lepat pisang so save some for me, yah!

1 comment:

Arin said...

best nye lepat pisang...hukan2 kat sini, dapat lepat pisang..pergh!!

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