Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Word : Hot!

call me ignorant, but before coming here, i really didn't know uae experiences cozy cool winter and hellish hot summer! okay, that's my confession but i also know i shouldn't stay ignorant and have to probe into this further!

Dubai has a hot and, at times humid, semiarid climate (having low annual rainfall and drier during extreme heat) with many months recording temperatures of over 40 °C. The highest recorded temperature in Dubai is 47.3 °C, and the lowest recorded temperature is 7 °C.

Rainfall is generally light...usually centered around the months of January, February and March. However, heavy rain is not uncommon in Dubai during the winter months and January 2008. The humidity in Dubai is higher during the cooler winter months.

~ Wikipedia

according to this chart, august records the hottest average high which was 41 degrees, while in june it's 39.5 degrees. all in 2008.

well, the super-heat came earlier this year with 53 degrees in mid-noon, and it's only JUNE! can you imagine how hot it would be come august? this picture below was taken during our usual weekend outing. phew! fifty-three, man! FIVE-THREE!

somebody hand me that water bottle. mango juice. ice-blended! iced-tea! a cuppa ice-cream! bowl of ais kacang! anything cool, for da love of ais kepal!

and the picture below was taken just few days ago when we went out for dinner. as you can see, it hit 44 degrees even at night! nights in dubai are even hotter than the day time in malaysia!

we have air-cond (thank you for your invention, mr. willis haviland carrier!) but we're gonna go out in frenzy fit for fans as well just to storm up the entire house with cool air! hihi!

so to the people in malaysia complaining about the current heat, you're the lucky ones! and i can't wait to join you guys!


Jiji said...

My brother just came back from Dubai. Time tu tak panas menggila lagi.

paij188 said...

there you go summer in dubai..! we always go out after maghrib or late afternoon. never in noon. even nk pegi pasar pun dalam 6 am dah keluar.. panas tak tahan wehh..!

Syigim said...

>> owh jiji, ur bro buat ape di dubai?

>> yup fairus! ni first time la i nk experience panas dubai ni! :P

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