Friday, June 26, 2009

Kahfi : 6ix Months After

in my zest to celebrate my 30th birthday, i neglected to mention that my kahfi turned 6 months last 23rd! he's been with us for half a year now!

his achievements so far:

  • the best is of course he's now able to wriggle forward, very fast!
  • he hasn't crawled yet but yeah, he's fast!
  • favorite sleeping position is not tido anak kucing, but he would arch his back backwards baru sedap tido - try it!
  • he enjoys harassing big bro khaleef while playing xbox
  • abang khaleef would often heard saying (or more like shouting) "mak, look dat!", "mak, kahfi!" or "mak, again!!!"
  • able to grab, hold, swing and bite his toys

i'm so proud of him!

* * *

can't write much today - demam! but a writer is always a writer. so blog i must! hihi.

no, really i felt funny since last night, had clogged nose this morning and then a slight feverish feel up my spine. took panadols after my meals and hide myself under the cover for a long, refreshing naps - and i'm much better now!

mr. khairul cooked dinner yesterday and lunch today too much to my delight because he is a super-cook! his black pepper chicken is deliciouso. fantastico. muchos muchos sedap! love you so much!

oh-kay. before i memalufying myself by continue to merepek-ing, i shall excuse myself. i'll see you again when i'm err.. sane.

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