Sunday, June 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Bapa

it's fathers day! wait - is it a day belonging to a father (hence father'S day) OR a day for all fathers (hence fatherS day)? i never quite get it.

as facebook is flooded with fathers day wishes, my sisters joined in to wish our abah happy fathers day. not only that, we ran a contest on who posted the best picture with our abah on our wall! naturally i won. (azi, it's my blog, i can write whatever i want hoho).

"Happy father's day to my dearest abah...Thank you for always being there for me...May god bless you with good health and happiness..."
~ first born, Syimee

" my superdad Mr. Sharifuddin - thanks for everything - roof over my head, and food on the table. good education & weekend time at the library. countless holidays to the furthest reach of the world & more! HAPPY FATHERS DAY, abah. i love you always!"
~ second daughter, Syigim

"Specially dedicated to my abah, Hj Sharifuddin Shoib - No matter how old i get, no matter how far i move away with my husband, no matter how many children i have,....Abah, i will still be your little girl! i love you so much even words cant describe...Happy Father's Day..."
~ third child, Syima

Happy Abah Day! Thank you for everything! you made it possible for me to see snow today. Love you always abah, and missing you here!
~ fourth girl, Syida

Selamat Hari Bapa! Thanks for everything. rindu nak berkumpul sefamily...
~ adik bongsu, Nazirah

for syida and azi's father's day wishes, just visit their blogs lah!

just me and my abah

* * *

..and who might this be?

from the moment i was pregnant, he knew he wanted his kids to call him bapak, because that's what he called his. and so it is.

* * *

...for taking the boys to places only dreams may take -
animal farms, balloon lagoons, waffle world of ice-creams and cakes.
from the moment they crawl, to the agonizing times of chasing a runway kid in the middle of a mall.

..for indulging their whims and fancies -
a ball of a time or a whale of a swim.
you are there for their fun and fears.

..for your patience and perseverence.
pouring unconditional love.
the boys drive you crazy - but you are undoubtly nuts about them.

..for your endless supply of hugs and smooches.
kissing the boo-boos away, and hug-a-lot at play.
you're their punchbag as well as their security blanket.

..for being there to pujuk.
through manja and merajuk.
whichever comes first.

..for picking them up when walking is just too tiring.
your feet hurts, your muscles throbing, your back ache.
yet nothing is better than having them in your arms.

* * *

for all that,
and for days of changing smelly poopy diapers,
for fixing milk in the middle of the night,
for all the ball, swim, xbox & dvd time with your boys.
for days of tickles, laughters and tears.

for that i thank you for being my best partner in crime!

i love you always!

* * *

last but not least, happy fathers day to my father-in-law, haji anwar who's currently waiting in anticipation, waiting for his grandsons to balik kampung - most of all, of course - the return of his first born, along.

* * *

for all abah, bapak, ayah, papa, babah, appa, dada, daddy - HAPPY FATHERS DAY! (oh, and remember that you're great coz you have us mommies! *snicker*)

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