Friday, November 20, 2009

Kahfi's Bath Mat

kahfi would start wriggling excitedly in my arms as i brought him to the tub. he'd start squealling with delight at the sound of the turned water tap. he'd grinned like a happy clam as i took off his clothes. and then he would stood in silence as he admired the fierce flow of the warm water onto his cute ducky bath mat - waiting for me to finally put him in the water.

he loves it. i love that he loves it!

this ducky bath mat thingy is from mothercare (for any interested mommies) and it's just to help first-time sitting babies to take bath sitting down in the tub. it has a seat with handles at one end, so that another toddler can fit in on the other side. there's also a pink ducky at that other end that will turn super red with the words 'too hot!' as an indicator of the water.

kahfi just enjoy being in the tub. most of the time his favorite thing to do is to just slap his hands above the water and feel the water bounced back at him! other times he would just bite his bath toys as he take a dip.

as excited as he is everytime he gets into the tub with his bath mat, he'd get more hysterically giggly when big bro joins in! khaleef would add music; singing songs loudly while splashing especially kahfi's current fav cartoon theme song from 'thomas and friends'.

i would love to get them to the actual swimming pool, but i'm not too confident puting both boys in water without their bapak, eventhough it's just the kids' pool. so for the time being, i guess it's just a bath tub swim time for you two boys; till you're big enough.

hey, swim pool or bath tub - they're still havin a whale of a time!

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