Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vampire Fries

yesterday after the awesome gelato treat, we dropped by hardee's for a quick bite. khaleef wants his astro boy meal.

here's khaleef showing you how to be a vampire by using some fries. you can try it at home!

* * *

here's khaleef trying to figure out how to assemble his astro boy robot toy, using the instructions. these days he doesn't ask me how a toy works anymore - he just looked carefully at the diagram, picture or instructions - and he can figure things out.

also, he enjoys looking at the maze, puzzles, hidden pictures or whatever picture games they have on his happy meal box or paper bag while enjoying his meal, and even the ones on cereal boxes.

most of the time i played along with him. ask him to count this, and spot that, and find a way from here to there or to where. but not when i'm too hungry already. nah nugget. main jauh-jauh. hihi.

kahfi? kahfi was too tired 'sitting' in his stroller while having to watch abang have all the fun. despite the very loud gossiping college-goers beside our table (which reminds me fondly of my teenage days) he was out like a light.

yawn! i gotta catch some zzzs myself...

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