Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farewell MCOB Uncle Spice

bapak-bapak budak mckk ni lagi.
al-tawasol lagi.
nasi mandi lagi!

kay '96, spice '76 & kamil '96

i think it's almost definite - al-tawasol seemed to be the unofficial 'penthouse' for mcobs in dubai! haha.

last weekend mr. khairul said farewell to a fellow mcob - uncle spice who will go back to his homeland malaysia tanahair tercinta after years in dubai. the usual mckk dubai clan held a small farewell lunch at (where else!) al-tawasol to munch mandi rice over chats and cheer.

the little boys of course had fun as it was a big tent, with ample space to golek-golek around! give kahfi cucumber or carrot slice to munch and he's a happy clam!

ah well, just enjoy the pictures-lah!



kay '96, faisal '84, spice '76, kamil '96 & zaim '82

* * *

terasa dubai ni kecik!

why? incidentally we heard a very recognizable kelate dialect spoken just outside our tent - la, pakpayne rupanya! he was entertaining some guests from kelantan. with him was bro imran and bro affandy. the ladies were eating in the commmon tent at the back of the restaurant.

always exciting to bumped into malaysians in dubai; especially the ones who would return your smile! (ok, don't get me started on the malaysians we meet who turned their heads away when they see another malaysians!)


Just me. said...

:-) ektuali kami target tent tu, tapi rupanya telah di ambil geng mcoba...hehehe.
...yes, always nice to bump and Syigim & Mr Kay!
...pssst, saya suka baju putih yg Mr Kay pakai tu, tanya dia beli di mana?

salam, just me, pakpayne

Syigim said...

hihihi.. sorry ye pakpayne.. geng mcoba ni xstop berborak..dah jumpe baper kali pun dok citer kisah basi mckk dulu2.. :P

dah pindah pun jumpa skali skala tetap mesra.. itu yg kita mahu! :)

biar mr. k je jawab soalan last tu! ;)

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