Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day We Became Mak & Bapak

soon, our first born khaleef will be four. and with that, both mr. khairul and i will also be celebrating our 4th anniversary of becoming parents.

the day we became mak, and bapak.

mr. khairul has been a fantastic father. i couldn't ask for more. he's helpful when it comes to poopy diaper and milk mixing - never a word of complain. he's a playful buddy to his sons - football, golf, swimming, shooting, bicycle and gym time - you name it. at the same time, he's still the most feared disciplinarian when i'm tired of nagging! wise in spending for khaleef, and always wants the best for his kid.

it's you, khaleef! you made him a great dad!

* * *

motherhood had been a mix of drama, mystery, intrigue, horror and comedy - with a mix of after-school special and twilight zone! he brought out the best in me (the day i finally realized i'm really an adult with this big responsibility!) and also the worst (khaleef really tests my patience!) - nevertheless, khaleef helped unleash the 'mommy' in me, and i became a better person for it.

thank you my little khaleef. my baby, for always!

* * *

with mak

with bapak

* * *

awaiting 15th. when our first baby turns FOUR. *smile*


arin said...

hepi bday abg khaleef!

ramona said...

how sweet.. i bet when he turns 15 or 18, he'll cry after reading this.. then, he wouldn't do anything to hurt his mak n bapak's heart.. :)

happy birthday.. (^^,)v

Syigim said...

>> thanks kak arin ;)

>> haha yah ramona, hopefully! thanks for d wish. u know kids these days are so lucky coz a lot of mommies are bloggin about them.. ;)

diyana anwar said...

sweet :))

Syigim said...

yah teh, i know i'm sweet :)))

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