Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ben10 Toys & Imaginary Boat Bag

bapak si khaleef and kahfi is back from yemen - and other than bringing nice goodies and sweet succulent honey (best in the world is said to be from yemen), mr. khairul brought back a bunch of ben10 toys for his first born, who just celebrated his 4th birthday.

and oh, man - khaleef went berserk over those toys!

he's a ben10 nut, if you didn't know yet. he absolutely love the cartoon - screams excitedly everytime it's on. he has a ben10 t-shirt that looks exactly like the one worn by the hero of the show, and i lost count of the amount of ben10 toys that he already has.

oh, it's all the cheap-cheap ones, mind you - like the ones found in our msia giant, or pasar malam. toy banyak-banyak tu bukan yang ratus-ratus ringgit tu ye. hihi. yah, we're simple people lah!

read about khaleef's fav ben10 cartoon here! oh, and i can sing the theme song of ben10 very well. word for word. seriously.

* * *

mr. khairul just got back from a long trip, bringing back a whole suitcase of goodies - emptied instantaneously, of course, by yours truly! hihi.

with a lot of junk lying around, plastic bags, a lump of laundry here and there - the open luggage was too hard to resist for the boys. khaleef started pretending that he's swimming from an imaginary crocodile, and climb first into the luggage - thereafter known as his 'boat'.

kahfi, naturally - followed. i LOVE the middle picture when kahfi put his leg in with so much effort to stretch it as far as he can! cuteness!

then, the brothers sat quietly in their 'boat'. armed with his new ben10 gun, khaleef protected kahfi from the evil attacking crocodile. grr!


arin said...

bon bon kahfi sekssssiiiii...

Syigim said...

hahahahahhahaah :D

Stylo Geek said...

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